Faculty-Student Summer Research

This grant is intended to support joint faculty-student scholarship and must involve the student in collaborative research with faculty for a period of 10 weeks during the summer.  Although the grant application will be submitted by the faculty member it must include identified student(s) who will be an active participant in the research team.  Preference will be given to faculty not teaching in the summer.

Scope of acceptable projects:  any creative/scholarly activity by Manchester University undergraduate students and faculty is appropriate for funding.  This opportunity is viewed as a professional development experience for both faculty and student and should not be considered as only an educational training opportunity for the students.  Please note that an off-campus presentation and/or publication of the results is expected.



Faculty – summer stipend of $1,500 to $3,000, depending on the time commitment for the research.  This payment can be received as salary (taxable) or as reimbursement for project related expenses (nontaxable). 

Student – summer stipend up to $4,000, depending on number of hours required for the research, plus on campus housing. 

A maximum of $1,000 is available for expendable supplies and travel associated with presenting the results of the research.

Grant Recipients 
Summer 2021

Faculty Researcher:  Suzanne Beyeler, Assistant Professor of Biology
Student Researcher:  Tasha Brubaker
Northern Short-tailed Shrew Population Dynamics in Prairie-Forest Ecotones

Faculty Researcher:  KJ Kessie, Assistant Professor of Psychology
Student Researchers:  Hannah Thomson and Sara Rohr
Going Deep: An Investigation of Barriers to Sustained Focus among MU Community

Faculty Researcher: Kyle Watson, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Student Researcher: Alexa Kessen

The Synthesis of Potential Anti-HIV Drugs

Grant Recipients 
Summer 2022

Faculty Researcher: Tim McKenna-Buchanan, Associate Professor of Communications
Student Researcher: Danielle Carlson
Exploring Communication Privacy Management Strategies of LGBTQ K-12 Teachers

Faculty Researcher: Jeff Osborne, Professor of Chemistry
Student Researcher: Madison Downes
Characterization of 1,3-Diphenylpropane
, Ritalinic Acid, and Alendronate Sodium Novel Biodegradation Pathways

Faculty Researcher:  Gabriela Tafoya, Assistant Professor of Political Science
Student Researcher: Jennette Olvera
Comparative Welfare Entitlements Project (CWEP) 2022

Faculty Researcher:  Kyle Watson, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Student Researcher:  Natalie Kotlin
Using Hetero Diels-Alder Cycloadditions to make Biologically Useful Molecules

Grant Recipients 
Summer 2023

Faculty Researcher: Marcie Coulter-Kern, Professor of Psychology
Student Researcher: Hannah Thomson
Improving Qualitative Research Instruction in an Undergraduate Program

Faculty Researcher: Kathy Davis, Professor of Chemistry
Student Researcher: Rachael Pickett
Problem-based Curriculum Design and Assessment for Chemistry Laboratory Courses

Faculty Researcher:  Anuj Gurung, Professor of Peace Studies
Student Researcher: Jackson Lunsford
Conflict Management Styles and Their Influence on Employee Relationships

Faculty Researcher:  Jeff Osborne, Professor of Chemistry
Student Researcher:  Logan Hughes
Characterization of Styrene Oligomer Novel Biodegradation Pathways

Faculty Researcher:  Jennifer Robison, Assistant Professor of Biology
Student Researcher:  Madison Hilliker
A Timeline of Wound-Induced Transgenic Protein Expression Across Soybean Leaves