Faculty Summer Research and Creative Endeavor

Manchester University invites proposals from its faculty members for research and creative endeavor to be conducted during the summer  in an area of the faculty member's academic interest. Course development or revision proposals that integrate a new high impact practice into a course will be considered along with research and creative endeavor proposals, especially those that involve students. 

Proposal should include the purpose of the proposed research or creative creation, a definitive budget (stipend, supplies, travel), a bibliography, and a time-action plan including your goals for the research when it is completed. If a proposal involves commitments by other individuals, please include supportive letters indicating that those individuals have agreed to their roles and timelines.

Grant Recipients
Summer 2017

Pamela Haynes, Assistant Professor of Music

Formation of a Manchester University Faculty Trio to provide musical performances for the local community.

Katharine Ings, Associate Professor of English
Participation in the Center for Historic American Visual Culture Summer Seminar.

Cheri Krueckeberg, Associate Professor of Social Work
Participation in the “Conscious Eldering: Aging with Intention and Passion” workshop.

Jonathan Watson, Associate Professor of English
Completion of project entitled: Travel and Research in Literary Ireland.

Grant Recipients
Summer 2018

Gregory Clark, Professor of Physics
EFM-Phase Measurements of P3HT Nanowires.

Beate Gilliar, Professor of English
FYS and a Critical Connections Course.

Kurt Kurtzhals, Assistant Professor of Education
Education Course Development, Travel to Austin, Tx.

Mary Lahman, Professor of Communication Studies
International Listening Association annual conference

Seth Mayer, Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Ongoing Research Project on the Problem of Mass Incarceration and its Relation to the Ideal of Democracy.

Tim McKenna-Buchanan, Assistant Professor of Communication Studies
Communications Course Development: Foundations of Human Communication 

Stacy Stetzel, Assistant Professor of Education
Analyzing and Sharing Data from the J3A Study 

Grant Recipients
Summer 2019

Scott DeVries, Associate Professor of Spanish
Critical Power: Ethics, Energy, and Spanish American Literature.

Pamela Haynes, Assistant Professor of Music
Music Curriculum Development, Design and Implementation (Piano).

Kurt Kurtzhals, Assistant Professor of Education
Here We Are Now, Entertain Us: 1991—The Year That Changed Music Forever

Mary Lahman, Professor of Communication Studies
How Have You Grown as a Learner This Semester?

Seth Mayer, Assistant Professor of Philosophy
What Kind of Culture and Politics Does Criminal Justice Reform Demand?

Tara Smithson, Assistant Professor of French
The reception history of an equestrian statue of Joan of Arc in New Orleans.