Faculty Summer Research and Creative Endeavor

Manchester University invites proposals from its faculty members for research and creative endeavor to be conducted during the summer  in an area of the faculty member's academic interest. Course development or revision proposals that integrate a new high impact practice into a course will be considered along with research and creative endeavor proposals, especially those that involve students. 

Proposal should include the purpose of the proposed research or creative creation, a definitive budget (stipend, supplies, travel), a bibliography, and a time-action plan including your goals for the research when it is completed. If a proposal involves commitments by other individuals, please include supportive letters indicating that those individuals have agreed to their roles and timelines.

Grant Recipients
Summer 2021

Beate Gilliar, Professor of English
Native American/Indigenous Matters


Grant Recipients
Summer 2022

Greg Clark, Professor of Physics
Development of Prototype
Low-Cost Water Column Measurement

Pam Haynes, Assistant Professor of Music
Music Curriculum Development,
Design and Implementation (Piano)

Debra Lynn, Professor of Music
An Apprenticeship in Opera Composition
and Production with Stewart Copeland

Jeff Osborne, Professor of Chemistry
Facilitation of Timetabling Software
Implementation for Course Scheduling at MU

Grant Recipients
Summer 2023

Greg Clark, Professor of Physics
London in the Middle Ages and Renaissance

Anuj Gurung, Professor of Peach Studies
"Finding and Minding the Gap: Life of Bhutanese Refugees in the American Midwest"

Tim McKenna-Buchanan, Associate Professor of Communication Studies
Handbook of Public Speaking Theory and Research

Jeff Osborne, Professor of Chemistry
Creation and Implementation of NASC-450 Senior Seminar, a High-Impact, Capstone Course

Jennifer Simmers, Professor Accounting
Incorporating Data Analytics into the Business Curriculum

Gabriela Tafoya, Assistant Professor of Political Science
Reformulate the Political Science Program