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Academic Excellence Banquet

Each spring students are honored that are graduating with latin honors. These students are invited to attend a banquet dinner along with a faculty or staff member that they choose. 

To graduate with distinction and earn Latin honors, a candidate for the baccalaureate degree must have completed a minimum of 96 semester hours in residence at Manchester University and accumulated a grade point average(GPA) at or above 3.650. There are three levels of graduation with honors: summa cum laude (with highest honors) 3.950 to 4.000 magna cum laude (with high honors) 3.850 to 3.949 cum laude (with honors) 3.65 to 3.849


Academic Excellence Banquet
April 25, 2018

Academic Excellence Banquet 2023

Fifty-seven undergraduate students were honored during the 2023 Academic Excellence Banquet. View this year's Academic Excellence Banquet Program 2023 and read what faculty members had to say about the students!


Kayla Anderson, cum laude
Jakob Armstrong, magna cum laude 
Mikaya Auerbach, magna cum laude 
Heather Binion, summa cum laude 
Alexandra Blackwood, magna cum laude 
Bizayehu Bomberger, cum laude 
Lainey Bonser, cum laude 
Brooke Bouwens, cum laude 
Hannah Brubaker, summa cum laude 
Jennifer Budd, magna cum laude 
McKenna Burkholder, cum laude 
Savana Case, cum laude 
Makayla Combs, cum laude 
Audrianna Diaz, cum laude  
Hannah Durkes, cum laude  
Edna Eben Ebai, cum laude  
Madison Fielder, cum laude  
Cole Filson, summa cum laude  
Kendal Garringer, cum laude  
Natalee Gawthrop, cum laude  
Hope Gebhart, summa cum laude  
Kaitlin Graber, summa cum laude  
Carly Greaves, summa cum laude  
Madeline Hanks, summa cum laude  
Rachael Harkins, cum laude  
Alexia Hernandez, summa cum laude  
Gabrielle Hochstetler, summa cum laude  
Jenna Kane, magna cum laude  
Bailey Keim, cum laude 
Payten Kimmel, magna cum laude  
Ani King, magna cum laude  
Matthew Kochanski, magna cum laude  
Elizabeth Kreps, summa cum laude  
Sara Lake, summa cum laude  
Emily Lynch, cum laude  
Lissette Moreno, magna cum laude  
Bridget Nash, cum laude  
Ryan Nastav, cum laude  
Alexis Quick, summa cum laude  
Nicole Redden, magna cum laude  
Rachael Ressler, cum laude  
Thomas Richardson, summa cum laude  
Terri Roach, cum laude  
Fernanda Robles, cum laude  
Sarah Rohr, summa cum laude  
Elizabeth Schmidt, magna cum laude  
Adrianna Shires, magna cum laude  
Sara Shultz, cum laude  
Lauren Smith, cum laude  
Lauren Sponseller, magna cum laude  
Adelle Stanko, magna cum laude  
Aidan Stevens, magna cum laude  
Gianna Struewing, summa cum laude  
Giovanna Struewing, summa cum laude  
Naomi Taddesse, summa cum laude  
Kaitlin Velie, summa cum laude  
Shayla Welch, magna cum laude  
Diana Wilson, magna cum laude  
Paige Young, magna cum laude