Student Research Symposium

The Manchester University Student Research Symposium is a showcase for undergraduate and graduate research across disciplines. The Symposium was started by Dean Jo Young Switzer in 1999 to give students and faculty an opportunity to collaborate on research. It continues to be one of our most significant campus events, offering high-quality presentations.

Research Symposium 2017

Student Research Symposium 

2023 Award Winners

Keynote Speaker Award

Investigating the Systemic Effect of Jasmonic Acid Wounding Pathways in Soybean Seedlings

Oluwasefunmi Babatunde

Class of 2023
Major:  Biology-Chemistry
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Jennifer Robison


Undergraduate Poster Presentation Award

How Emotional States Impact Focus: A Study on Deep Work
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Marcie Coulter-Kern

Valeria Acosta
Class of 2024
Major: Psychology and Religious Studies

James Corgan
Class of 2023
Major: Psychology

Isabella Gregory
Class of 2024
Major: Psychology and Religious Studies

Graduate Poster Presentation Award

Anti-Neuroinflammatory Activity of a Novel, Nitrile-Containing Dithiolethione
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Dennis Brown

Arman Harutyunyan

Hussein Soueidan

Nicholas Klouvas

Rayan Noureddine

Jo Young Switzer Writing Award

Racism and Patriarchy: How Chicanas Fought a Two-Front battle for Equality, 1940s-1970s

Alexia Hernandez
Class of 2023
Major: History
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Michael Staudenmaier