Faculty-Student Summer Research

This grant is intended to support joint faculty-student scholarship and must involve the student in collaborative research with faculty for a period of 10 weeks during the summer.  Although the grant application will be submitted by the faculty member it must include identified student(s) who will be an active participant in the research team.  Preference will be given to faculty not teaching in the summer.

Scope of acceptable projects:  any creative/scholarly activity by Manchester University undergraduate students and faculty is appropriate for funding.  This opportunity is viewed as a professional development experience for both faculty and student and should not be considered as only an educational training opportunity for the students.  Please note that an off-campus presentation and/or publication of the results is expected.



Faculty – summer stipend of $1,500 to $3,000, depending on the time commitment for the research.  This payment can be received as salary (taxable) or as reimbursement for project related expenses (nontaxable). 

Student – summer stipend up to $4,000, depending on number of hours required for the research, plus on campus housing. 

A maximum of $1,000 is available for expendable supplies and travel associated with presenting the results of the research.

Grant Recipients 

The effects of glyburide on murine prenatal development

Faculty Researcher: Cassie Gohn, Assistant Professor of Biology

Student Researchers: Holly Granfield and Leslie Wells


Flesh and Fiber: Advancing Storytelling and Finding Textual Identity through Fibers

Faculty Researcher: Jena Oke, Associate Professor of Art

Student Researcher: Marcus Zwiebel


Exploring Efficient Surface Immobilization for Fluorescent Carbon Nanodots

Faculty Researcher: Kathy Davis, Associate Professor of Chemistry

Student Researchers: Dakota Brown and Jamie Soposky


The Great Divergence—Flattening Demand

Faculty Researcher: Sree Majumder, Howard and Myra Brembeck Associate Professor of Economics

Student Researcher: Naomi Wilma


Corruption Across Developing Nations: Tax Evasion and Economic Impacts

Faculty Researcher: Ty Robbins, Assistant Professor of Economics

Student Researcher: Epherata Molla


Synthesis, Purification and Investigation of Conjugated Azo Dyes

Faculty Researcher: Susan Klein, Professor of Chemistry

Student Researcher: Jacob Dittmer