Pharmacy, Natural & Health Sciences

Pre-Occupational Therapy Courses and Curriculum

Curriculum Progression: Clinical Rehabilitation Sciences Major, Concentration: Pre-Occupational Therapy

 Year 1

 EXSC 101 Introduction to Rehabilitation Sciences 3
 EXSC 106 Medical Terminology  1 
 BIO 104 Human Health  OR  BIO 106  Principles of Biology (Direct Elective)/Prerequisite) 3
 BIO 202/L Fundamentals of Human Anatomy w/Lab 4
 NUTR 210 Introduction to Human Nutrition 3
 Total Credit Hours 14 
 Year 2
 BIOL 204/L Fundamentals of Human Physiology w/Lab 4
 EXSC 255 Orthopedic Evaluation 3
 CHEM 105/L Introduction to Inorganic Chemistry w/Lab 4
 CHEM 106/L Introduction to Organic Chemistry w/Lab 4
 PSYCH 224/L Developmental Psychology w/Lab (Direct Elective/Prerequisite) 4
 Total Credit Hours19

 Year 3

 EXSC 355 Orthopedic Intervention 3
 EXSC 325/L Exercise Physiology w/Lab 4 
 DATA 210 Statistical Analysis w/Lab 4 
 PSYCH 225/L Abnormal Psychology w/Lab (Direct Elective/Prerequisite) 4 
 Total Credit Hours 15
 Year 4
 EXSC 410 Administration of Health and Physical Activity Programs 3
 EXSC 476 Internship 3
 Total Credit Hours
 Total Credit Hours for Pre-OT54 
 *Additional courses may be needed to meet prerequisite:
  • College Physics: PHYS 111/L (4cr)
  • Biomechanics or Kinesiology: EXSC 345 (3cr)
*One additional credit must be identified to complete the directed elective and major requirements