Pharmacy, Natural & Health Sciences

Global Health - Co-Curricular Activities

Dare to Avocate for Public Health 

Dare to Advocate for Public Health is a club designated to those individuals who want to make a positive impact in the health of others. DAPH enables students to network among themselves, connect with other institutions, research, and find solutions to problems facing peace, poverty, and other health crises both nationally and internationally.

Environmental Studies Club

The Manchester University Environmental Studies Club is run by students concerned with protecting and preserving the earth while educating students and the community about such issues as recycling, reducing consumption and global environmental trends.

Kenapocomoco Peace Coalition

Kenapocomoco Peace Coalition is an informal group of students that meets Mondays at 9 discuss social, environmental, political, and other issues of conscience. Guest speakers, videos, debates and discussions focus on campus, local community, national and international issues.

Pre-Professionals of Science

The Pre-Professionals of Science Club (PPS) helps students interested in becoming science professionals prepare themselves to achieve their goals with organization and confidence. The club can help students participate in activities (internships, service) viewed positively by graduate schools and be more aware of how to better prepare for the professional admissions tests, interviews, and graduate school itself.