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Mission and Philosophy


The mission of the Nursing Program is to prepare future nurses to respect the infinite worth of every individual, and to practice nursing by drawing on their faith to lead principled, productive and compassionate lives that inspire them to be servant leaders within the nursing profession.


To improve the human condition through service

Our Philosophy

We believe that excellence in nursing education is achieved through the purposeful dedication of nursing faculty and their commitment to teaching, student success, scholarship, and service to the community. We are committed to the value of high academic expectations and professional preparation to provide graduates with the necessary skills to lead healthy, productive and principled lives. Through dedication and fostering of this next generation of nurses, we are advancing the science and art of nursing through the empowerment of individuals, families, communities, and populations within our region, the nation, and the world.  
Our diverse and inclusive learning environment fosters a commitment to a holistic learning approach and upholds integrity for the profession of nursing. Respect for multiple perspectives guides students and faculty to provide effective intercultural care, contribute to local and global efforts to eliminate health disparities, and advocate for vulnerable populations. We encourage our graduates to assume a leadership role in creating healthy communities by promoting health and healing, preventing disease, and influencing healthcare policy.  

Conceptual Model

The four concepts that comprise the conceptual framework of the Manchester University Nursing Program include individual/community, environment, health, and nursing.

The individual is recognized as having inherent dignity, value, and purpose. Individuals self-actualize through the integration of relationships, and functioning within families, groups and communities. Community promotes positive self-identity, empowering individuals to evolve as healthy in mind, body and spirit. 
Environment encompasses internal and external determinants that are constantly changing, affecting the individual’s physical, psychological, spiritual elements (internal) and (external) variables including cultural, social, biophysical, political, and economical. Nursing can serve as a resource to influence health promotion and maintenance within the environment. 
Health represents a dynamic and holistic phenomenon with balance between the individual and the environment. An individual's health exists upon a continuum of optimal wellness to illness, disease, dysfunction and changes occurring throughout an individual’s life span, including end of life. 

Nursing is an interactive, interpersonal approach to assist individuals to achieve optimal health and wellness through compassionate, nurturing evidence-based holistic nursing care.  Nursing education expounds upon the humanities, sciences, and liberal education courses, which are necessary to appreciate the holistic nature of the individual.  Nursing faculty believe that excellence in nursing education fosters a diverse and inclusive learning environment that stimulates the spirit of inquiry and lifelong learning.  Respect for multiple perspectives guides students and faculty to provide effective intercultural care, contribute to local and global efforts to eliminate health disparities and advocate for vulnerable populations. 

BSN Program Outcomes:  

  • Manchester University will provide a BSN education with a foundation rooted in the liberal arts, and the natural and social sciences.
  • Manchester nursing students will employ clinical nursing judgement to deliver culturally sensitive, holistic, person-centered care focused on the individual, family and/or important others and communities.
  • Manchester nursing students will provide population health that spans the healthcare delivery continuum through collaborative activities with both traditional and non-traditional partnerships focusing on promoting population and community wellness through service to diverse populations.
  • Manchester nursing students will be able to identify the importance of utilizing evidence-based practice and understanding the process of improving and transforming health care practices through scholarship.
  • Manchester University will deliver a BSN education that employs established and emerging principles of safety and quality improvement to promote a culture of wellbeing.
  • Manchester nursing students will develop interprofessional skills to aid in effectively collaborating with patients, families, care team members, and the community to optimize care, enhance the healthcare experience and strengthen outcomes.
  • Manchester BSN graduates will be prepared for success on the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) and practice as professional nurse generalists within complex systems of health care.
  • Manchester nursing students will effectively use informatics and healthcare technologies to engage in evidence-based practice.
  • Manchester University fosters the formation and cultivation of a sustainable professional nursing practice.
  • Manchester University will incorporate activities that promote self-care, well-being, and resilience, and cultivate lifelong learning practices.

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