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Pharmacogenomics - Graduate Certificate in PGx


Enhance Patient Care

The Manchester Graduate Certificate in Pharmacogenomics (GC in PGx) is for health care professionals seeking to enhance, expand, and differentiate their practice and optimize the care they provide their patients.

The GC in PGx is comprised of five cutting-edge courses aimed at providing education into the depth and breadth of pharmacogenomics, so that practitioners can build their competencies and apply important foundational knowledge about PGx to their practice.

The 12 semester-credit-hour program provides approximately 180 contact hours, delivered 100% online. Additionally, these courses can be applied to completion of our Master of Science in Pharmacogenomics Program, which aims to train individuals in a broader leadership role in this exciting field.

Non-Discrimination in the Admission Process

The Manchester University Pharmacogenomics Program is committed to non-discrimination in the admissions process.The University does not discriminate on the basis of national origin, ancestry, race, color, age, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, familial status, religion, disability, physical characteristics, or veteran status in admissions including its admission decisions and scholarships or loan awards.