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Pharmacy/Pharmacogenomics Dual-Degree Program

Earn a dual degree in Pharmacy and Pharmacogenomics

Set yourself apart.

Manchester’s innovative dual degree program combines an emphasis on patient-centered care that has always been a hallmark of a Manchester Pharm.D. degree with the nation’s first master’s in pharmacogenomics (PGx) – the breakthrough science that uses an individual’s genetic markers to customize and optimize his or her medication therapy.

By taking PGx courses, in the summers between your first, second and third pharmacy years, you’ll earn two degrees in the same timespan it traditionally takes to earn a Pharm.D. only.

There’s a global need for health care professionals who can connect the dots between traditional and precision medication, and the combined skillsets you’ll acquire will position you uniquely in the field. You’ll stand out to potential employers as an applicant with one of-a-kind skills and training, giving you a leg up in a highly competitive and constantly evolving field.

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Non-Discrimination in the
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The Manchester University Pharmacy Program is committed to non-discrimination in the admissions process.The University does not discriminate on the basis of national origin, ancestry, race, color, age, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, familial status, religion, disability, physical characteristics, or veteran status in admissions including its admission decisions and scholarships or loan awards.