Pharmacy, Natural & Health Sciences

Pharmacy/Pharmacogenomics Dual-Degree Program – Experiential Sites 


Learn by doing. 

Students who enroll in Manchester’s Pharm.D./PGx Dual Degree Program have exceptional and unique opportunities at experiential sites that specialize in pharmacogenetic testing and pharmaceutical research and treatment: 

  • YouScript: YouScript’s mission is to eliminate avoidable adverse drug events. Their technology synthesizes all evidence impacting drug response, including pharmacogenetic testing, to support doctors and pharmacists in making faster, more proactive decisions at the point of care. 

  • Genemarkers: Genemarkers is a leading regional pharmacogenomics laboratory. Genemarkers provides collaborative services that enhance the utilization of genomics for improving health care, pharmaceutical research and consumer products. Genemarker’s strength lies in their flexibility and personalized approach, allowing them to meet the unique needs of each of their clients.