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Pharmacogenomics - Health and Safety

Pharmacogenomics students working in the lab

Keeping you Safe and Healthy

At Manchester, we know that your physical and emotional well-being are part of being your best self. That's why we provide and facilitate services on our Fort Wayne campus that help to keep you safe and healthy.

For students enrolled in the traditional onsite program, the Office of Student Affairs works closely with University Health Services with the coordination of your health and immunization records. They also act as advisors to connect you with health care providers in the area to find the appropriate and best care available when needed.

Manchester also provides free counseling services to students in the traditional program.We're equipped with professional counselors on staff to help you through the stresses and emotional challenges that you may face, or we can help to coordinate referrals to outside resources. 

When it comes to safety and security, it's a matter we take seriously at Manchester. Active safety patrol and other security measures at the Fort Wayne campus make sure you can put worries aside and concentrate on what matters most to you.