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You + Manchester = A competitive edge

Get a head start in one of Manchester University’s PLUS programs, also known as dual degree programs. In our PLUS programs, you’ll get more from your education by earning an additional degree in a shorter amount of time, and get a jump start in your career while others are still completing their degrees.

It’s a way to come out of college with an impressive resume – one that will make employers take notice – and a way to do it in less time than most traditional paths.

Consider one of these PLUS programs when choosing your major:



3+1 Master of Accountancy (MACCT)

As an accounting major at Manchester, enroll in the 3+1 program, and you’ll earn both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in four years. You’ll take both undergraduate and master’s level courses simultaneously and get invaluable internship experience that will make you stand out to prospective employers. Traditionally taking five years, the 3+1 master’s program also gives you the credits you need for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam, on which MU students have historically performed well above average.

Leading U.S. accounting firms return to MU year after year to recruit for interns and full-time employees. A recruiter for a leading certified public accountant (CPA) firm stated Manchester “is legendary for producing professionals who do extremely well. The reputation that Manchester has earned is well-deserved and makes it a go-to place for talent.”

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3+2 Master of Athletic Training (MAT)

Athletic trainers play an important role in preventing and treating injuries. They are often the first health care professionals on the scene and must be trained to recognize, evaluate and assess injuries and provide immediate care. Athletic training careers are found in secondary schools, colleges and universities, in hospitals and clinics, in fitness and recreation centers, in business and industry, and with professional sports teams.

In Manchester’s 3+2 MAT program, you’ll major in Exercise Science and Fitness as an undergraduate student, earning your bachelor’s degree in just three years. Then you’ll complete your master’s studies at our state-of-the-art Fort Wayne campus in just two more. All certified athletic trainers will need a master’s degree in the near future, so this is an excellent way to get there in less time. You can also choose a 4+2 path if you’d like to extend your undergraduate experience.

Our MAT Program has a proven track record for graduate success. Since 2010, 100 percent of MAT candidates have passed their national Board of Certification exam, 95 percent on their first attempt!

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3+2 Engineering Science

Students interested in pursuing a career in engineering will find excellent preparation at Manchester University. Our engineering science degree combines three years of study at Manchester with two years at an engineering school. After the first year at an engineering school, students graduate from Manchester with a degree in engineering science. After the second year, they graduate from that institution with a second bachelor's degree in the engineering discipline they have chosen (e.g., mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, etc.).

The Manchester curriculum builds a strong foundation for any engineering specialty, and along with the advantages of a liberal arts background, gives Manchester graduates an edge in today's job market. And with two bachelor’s degrees from two distinctive institutions, you’ll rise above other candidates with just one.

The admission rate of Manchester engineering science students to engineering schools across the country is exceptional. Since the program began in 1981, 100 percent of those who applied to engineering schools were admitted.

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Medical Technology

3+1 Medical Technology

Medical technologists perform a critical behind-the-scenes role in the detection, diagnosis and treatment of disease. Typically in a laboratory testing environment, they run tests and analyze body tissues, blood and fluids to help doctors diagnose patients and solve medical mysteries. Their work includes the use of microscopes, chemicals, computers, and complex laboratory equipment and instruments. They perform tests in all sections of the laboratory including hematology, bacteriology, chemistry, urinology, serology, forensic pathology, immunology, and toxicology.

In Manchester’s 3-plus-1 program, you’ll study in the classroom your first three years and perform hands-on clinical work in a hospital for a fourth year. Manchester graduates in this field earn national accreditation upon graduation and consistently get two to three job offers prior to graduation. One-hundred percent of graduates have jobs after graduation. 


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2+4 Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.)

Interested in a career as a pharmacist? Get there with confidence in just six years by starting at Manchester with your pre-pharmacy studies and our Early Assurance Program. By enrolling in Early Assurance, you’ll reserve a seat in Manchester’s four-year Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) Program after you complete your pre-pharmacy requirements, which you can earn in just two years.

Typically, acceptance into Pharm.D. programs isn’t automatic, but at Manchester, Early Assurance will let you step up to the next level more assuredly.

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3+1 Master of Science in Pharmacogenomics

Pharmacogenomics (PGx), also known as precision medicine, is an innovative, revolutionary advance in health care science that pairs pharmaceuticals with an individual’s genetic makeup to optimize drug therapy early on and avoid or decrease the chance of adverse effects.

It’s the future of medicine, and Manchester offers one of the only degree programs in the world focusing on this cutting-edge field.

Major in biology-chemistry (pre-professional health sciences) at Manchester and, with our accelerated Fast Forward program, you can earn your bachelor’s degree in just three years. With another year at our Fort Wayne campus, home to our advanced programs in health sciences, you’ll go on to earn your Master of Science in Pharmacogenomics, resulting in two degrees in four years.

With an MS in PGx, you’ll be ready for employment in the genetic testing and pharmaceutical industries as an applied scientist who can work on all aspects of PGx testing including sample accessioning and preparation, sample analysis, data storage, data mining and reporting. You’ll also be equipped to pursue a Ph.D. or a professional degree in fields like medicine, pharmacy or dentistry, or expand your capabilities in other professional fields, such as genetic counseling.

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Dual Degree

Pharm.D./PGx Dual Degree

Are you already thinking past your undergraduate studies and considering pharmacy schools? Add value to your Doctor of Pharmacy degree (Pharm.D.) degree by adding a Master of Science in Pharmacogenomics (MS in PGx).

The future of advanced pharmaceutical practice demands a new type of practitioner. Manchester’s Pharm.D/PGx dual degree layers precision medicine atop traditional medication therapy management to train the next generation of pharmacists to best meet the needs of comprehensive patient care.

By enrolling in the Pharm.D./PGx Dual Degree program, you can earn both a Pharm.D. and a master’s in PGx in just four years – the same timespan it takes to complete your Pharm.D. only.

The Pharm.D./PGx dual degree provides that crucial “extra piece” in your pharmacy training, and with the knowledge you’ll gain in PGx, you’ll add a skillset possessed by relatively few others and you’ll stand out to potential employers in a highly competitive and constantly evolving field.

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