Manchester University Undergraduate Academic Catalog 2015-2016

Welcome to Manchester University!

Manchester is an exceptional learning community with a distinctive mission to graduate students of ability and conviction. We equip our students for success through rigorous courses, personal attention, mentored research, service, study abroad, internships, leadership opportunities, and a wide range of student activities.

This University Catalog contains an array of information about

  • Our mission and values
  • Majors, minors, and courses
  • Graduation requirements
  • Faculty
  • Campus facilities
  • Lots of “nuts and bolts” information about the University

Students grow at Manchester. They learn to think critically in ways that develop the whole person. They explore and define the values that will guide them through life. They experience community, find their voice and make lifelong connections. Our academic culture creates an atmosphere in which students, faculty, and others engage in respectful dialogue and build mutual respect.

Your Manchester experience will be richer for these conversations and your commitment to clubs and organizations; attending lectures and performing arts events, as well as participating in athletics, contribute to a well-rounded education. Whatever your interests and passions, we are here to guide you to realize your full potential.

Dave McFaddenDave McFadden