Values, Ideas and the Arts (VIA) 

Known as Convocation prior to Fall 2007, the new Values, Ideas and the Arts (VIA) graduation requirement is outlined below.

The maximum VIA attendance requirement for graduation is 40. Current students returning in the fall who have attended more than 40 programs have completed the graduation requirement. However, students may attend up to 80 VIA programs to earn more hours toward graduation.


Values, Ideas and the Arts (VIA) Requirement

Students are required to attend five (5) VIA programs for every semester of full-time (12 semester hours) enrollment. One-fourth (0.25) semester hour of credit is earned for every ten (10) programs attended. Credit is cumulative; a minimum or 1.0 credit is required, and a maximum of 2.0 credits may be used toward graduation hours. Attendance requirements will be waived for any semester in which a student is enrolled full time but is studying off campus (i.e. student teaching, internships, field instruction, study abroad). In extenuating circumstances, an alternative means for fulfilling this requirement can be sought from the Academic Standards Committee (see VIA Policy Exception).



VIA Policy Exception

Students may take one three-hour course to replace forty (40) VIA credits. The course will be selected in consultation with the Registrar. The course cannot;


  • be related to the student’s major or minor,
  • be used to meet another General Education requirement,
  • taken P/NP,
  • be a studio class.

No more than one semester hour (1.0 SH) may be applied to the 128 SH required for graduation. Students who take a course to complete the VIA requirement must complete 130 SH to meet graduation requirements.


VIA Attendance on ChetAdvisor through Gateway

Current students may view their VIA attendance on Gateway.


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