The Writing Center



The Writing Center can be utilized by all students at all levels to improve their writing and thinking processes across the curriculum. Through individual conferences, the Writing Center focuses on specific topics to support students, faculty and staff.

Students can work with writing consultants on any type of writing project, at any stage of the process. The Writing Center can help with oral presentations, too.

What do writing consultants do?

Writing consultants help writers think critically about their goals and consider how an audience might respond to key points. They do not copyedit or correct papers – rather, writing consultants teach editing strategies. Additionally, writing consultants focus on development, clarity, organization, grammar, and citation.

How do I set up a conference?

Students may walk in to the Writing Center to meet with consultants at any time or schedule an appointment.  The Writing Center offers both in-person and remote conferencing via Zoom.  To schedule an appointment, please email

Interested in becoming a writing consultant?

Students interested in becoming a writing consultant should apply for the position using Spartan Jobs. They can also contact the Writing Center Coordinator.

Fall and Spring Semester
Walk-ins and appointments are available, located in the Success Center (2nd floor Jo Young Switzer Center).
 Mon - Thur       9am - 10pm
 Friday  9am - 5pm
 Sunday  5pm - 10pm

 Final Exam Week and January Session by appointment only 
 Mon - Fri


8 a.m. – 5 p.m. 
Make an Appointment:

Send us an email to make an appointment. In-person and remote conferences are available.