Preparing for a Writing Conference

students in the writing center

Being prepared prior to visiting the Writing Center is important. Follow these tips to help make your session go smoothly and efficiently.

  • Make sure you understand the assignment requirements and expectations as best possible. Gather assignment sheets and syllabi to bring along with you. Be prepared to discuss the purpose and audience for your project.
  • Bring your materials. Please bring a copy of your draft or outline, along with notes and related source materials.
  • Allow at least 20 minutes for your session. Your consultant will help you to create a plan for your paper; this may entail scheduling additional appointments.
  • Don't wait until the last minute! … but if you do … prepare to dedicate a sufficient amount of attention and time to plan and write your paper properly.

Conference Expectations

A typical session lasts 20 minutes, depending on the project. Consultants will ask for information to help understand the assignment, and what help is needed.

If the writing project is in the pre-draft stage, the consultant will help the student to generate ideas about a topic, consider what stylistic choices to make, and outline and diagram ideas.

As a work progresses, the writing consultant can help to organize concepts, clarify main points, and summarize key thoughts. A consultant may ask questions in order to signal a conflict or note a place where more detail or explanation is needed. Students should receive criticism offered by consultants as constructive and objective. Having a consultant is like having a second set of eyes on your side of the desk.

Working with a writing consultant doesn't guarantee an "A" on a writing assignment, but it helps students to become more successful overall with writing.

Fall and Spring Semester
Walk-ins and appointments are available, located in the Success Center (2nd floor Jo Young Switzer Center).
 Mon - Thur       9am - 10pm
 Friday  9am - 5pm
 Sunday  5pm - 10pm

 Final Exam Week and January Session by appointment only 
 Mon - Fri


8 a.m. – 5 p.m. 
Make an Appointment:

Send us an email to make an appointment. In-person and remote conferences are available.