Shepherd Summer Internship Program

As part Manchester's mission, Shepard Higher Education Consortium on Poverty (SHECP) brings together students from member institutions with agencies that work to benefit our nation's impoverished. Through the Shepherd Alliance internship program, students learn first-hand about the multi-dimensional nature of poverty in the United States. In doing so, students work for eight weeks to strengthen impoverished areas through collaboration efforts with partner agencies and individuals who are working to improve their communities. Shepherd Alliance partner agencies are centered around the areas of education, healthcare, legal services, housing, hunger, social and economic needs, and community-building efforts.

What is it?

An eight-week internship with an agency working in a disadvantaged community.
Each student works with Internship Director and Consortium Director to determine an internship that fits his or her intellectual interests and/or a potential area of professional interest.

The agencies represent many fields of interest, including education, healthcare, legal services, housing, social and economic needs, and community-building efforts.

When is it?

Thursday, June 4 – Sunday, August 2

Opening Conference, Marymount University, Arlington, Virginia, June 4-6th

Eight-week Internship, June 8–Aug. 2, 2020

Closing Conference, Location TBD, July 31.–August 2, 2020

Where is it?
Opening and closing conferences held at member institutions, this year we are pleased to announce:

 (Transportation from Manchester University to opening conference is included, travel home from the closing conference to Manchester University.)

Opening: Marymount University, Arlington Virginia 

Closing: TBA

Internships are located in cities and small communities across the U.S., including Birmingham, AL; Helena and Marvell, AR; Navajo Reservation, AZ; Atlanta, GA; London, KY; Boston, MA; Baltimore, MD; New York, NY; Chester, PA; Austin, TX; Richmond and Lexington, VA and so many more. 

Please Note: you are unable to be placed in a home state. 

 What internships are available?

Visit the SHECP Internships page 

 ( to see what internships are available for the upcoming summer. You can even search by discipline and location; such as legal;, Children & Family, Medical etc.. ) 

Manchester University has two slots for students to apply for the internship.

Shepherd Alliance is pleased to offer internships in a wide variety of areas suitable to all interests and courses of study.

Who may apply?

  • Students with a minimum of 2.5 GPA
  • Freshmen, Sophomores and juniors (rising juniors and seniors)
  • Graduating seniors are not eligible.
  • International Students *
  • The Shepherd Consortium requires a gateway course for each intern to have completed prior to opening conference. 

  • Manchester Course: :  PEA-112 Concerning Poverty ( this class will be offered this January Term and Spring Term)  If you have not completed the class prior to internship offer we will need discuss a plan of action.

Is there financial support?

Each intern receives a food and commuter stipend from the Shepherd Consortium.

Reality: 14.00 per day to live on. (Subject to site location)

Round trip transportation costs are covered from home to opening conference and from closing conference back home. On-site transportation during the internship is also covered.

Summer housing expenses arranged for and paid by the Shepherd Consortium.

Opening and closing conference costs are paid by the Shepherd Consortium.

No other funding provided.

Why should I apply?

  • To learn first-hand about the multiple dimensions of poverty in the United States.
  • To be challenged—Shepherd interns learn to cope with a job and with living in a new setting, as well as how to deal with issues of poverty they see every day.
  • To experience a poverty immersion program.
  • To learn about yourself in a way you did not think possible.
  • To live in community with students from other Shepherd consortium members (Washington & Lee University, Baylor University, Berea College, College of Wooster, Furman College, John Carroll University, Lynchburg College, Middlebury College, Manchester University, Notre Dame, Spelman College, University of Arkansas, Virginia Military Institute).

How do I apply? 

1. Complete Shepherd Internship Application:      
          APPLY HERE  

 2. Submit University Transcript to the Manchester University Shepherd Internship Coordinator (see  below) This can be an unofficial transcript.

3. Submit a current resume. 

4. Submit a letter of recommendation (submitted directly by recommender) to serve as a character reference. This letter is to be a character reference from a past academic, volunteer, or employment supervisor.  This reference letter can not be someone from Manchester University. ( faculty, staff, student or family)

What is the application timeline?

 MU Deadline—December 13, 2019 at 5:00pm 

 Local/ Skype interviews- During January Term  

Who do I contact for more information?

For more information or with regards to questions please contact:

Shepherd Internship and Pathways Student Liaison 


Internship Director:
Allison Goetcheus, Director, Center for Service Opportunities
Phone: 260‑982‑5721

Council Member and Academic Director:
Katharine L. Gray Brown, Ph.D., ’91, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Peace Studies; Director of the Peace Studies Institute.
Phone: 260-982-5343

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