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Hannah Brown

A Few Favorite Buzzfeed Quizzes

by Hannah Brown | Jan 17, 2017

If you know me at all you’ll know that anytime I’m on my laptop I’m either watching Netflix, scrolling thru Pinterest, or (more often) taking Buzzfeed quizzes. I like finding things out about myself, like which Hogwarts House I’d be sorted into (it’s Ravenclaw), what my dominant personality trait is, or even what Bob Ross painting I am.

As an avid Buzzfeed quiz taker, I decided to compile a list of a few of my favorite Buzzfeed personality quizzes for you to take if you also want to find out more about yourself.

  • Which Famous Sarah Are You?

  • What’s Your Dominant Character Trait?

  • What Does Your Taste In Dessert Say About You?

  • Which Hogwarts House Do You Belong In?

  • What Bob Ross Painting Are You?

  • Which Member Of The British Royal Family Are You?

  • Which ‘00s Disney Channel Parent Are You?

  • Which TV Mean Girl Are You?

  • Which Kardashian-Jenner Are You?

I know that there are millions of other Buzzfeed, and non-Buzzfeed personality quizzes out there, but this was a list of just a few of my personal favorites. While online quizzes can be fun and silly, they don’t define you, and they’re not always correct. To me, they are something humorous and entertaining to pass the time, and make me smile.

Hannah Brown '18 is from Yellow Springs, Ohio. She is majoring in Peace Studies with a focus on Social Justice. She also works as a Student Ambassador at Manchester.