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Heather Steele

My Journey to Becoming a Spartan

by Heather Steele | Oct 09, 2018

Hello everyone!

For my first blog, I want to tell you all about myself and why I chose to become a Manchester Spartan. I am from a large town near Chicago and everyone asked why I was so set on attending a small, private University that was far away from home. Deciding on a college is a huge decision; and my decision came with a few bumps in the road.

In high school, I played golf all four years which led to me earning a full ride to a smaller school in my home town. There was only one problem… I hated that school. At first, I didn’t think I had a choice and ended up signing a letter of intent. My family and coaches were so happy and proud of me, but I was miserable. It always seemed wrong, but after all it would save a lot of money and it’s what my parents really wanted me to do.

One day, I was going through a rough time. All my friends were getting so excited about moving away and getting accepted to their dream school, so I went to my school counselor. I told her everything and ended up being an absolute mess as I cried and explained to her that I wanted to come to Manchester instead. I will never forget her answer. After listening to me cry and rant and beg her for some guidance, she said only three words: “Follow your heart.” Meeting with her obviously helped but how would I tell my parents and coaches? I met with her several times and obviously was an emotional wreck for weeks. It was a huge conflict within myself and many tears were shed while I decided what exactly I wanted to do.

Eventually my parents began to realize that I was not happy with my decision. I didn’t have any drive to practice golf and I never seemed excited to start college like my other friends. It may have taken time and convincing, but I eventually convinced my parents to let me attend Manchester University and give up my scholarship. Of course, they were disappointed along with my coaches, but I felt proud that I was going after my dreams and finally excited to start furthering my education.

I will always have a connection to Manchester University. When people ask why I wanted to attend school here, I tell them that I just had a feeling when touring the campus and meeting all the faculty, that Manchester is where I belong. After finishing my first year, I have fallen in love with the school and community itself. I am proud to be a Manchester Spartan!



Heather is an Elementary Education major with a concentration in both Mild Intervention and High Ability. In addition to being a blogger, Heather works at the daycare in North Manchester and loves working with children.