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Zander Willoughby

The End Is Near

by Zander Willoughby | Sep 25, 2017

It’s finally here, senior year. Ugh. For those new to the Spartan Blog series or forgot who I am, my name is Zander Willoughby, the one who was in France last year. I am a senior Political Science & French major with a minor in Peace Studies. This year, I’m not quite as involved on campus as years previous, but that doesn’t make me any less busy.

As a brief introduction, I’m a Multicultural Affairs Programmer, Social Media Coordinator and Liaison to United Sexualities & Genders in the Office of Multicultural Affairs (@OMAatMU ), cue the shameless plug of our mission statement:


The Office of Multicultural Affairs (housed in the Intercultural Center) is designed to provide enriched social, cultural and educational experiences for ethnically diverse students as well as opportunities for all members of the campus community to learn about the heritage and culture of these traditionally under-represented groups. This mission is accomplished via sponsored programs designed to raise awareness, foster cross-cultural interaction and exchange, increase understanding and ultimately encourage a "global perspective" on education.

I also serve on Student Senate, the Academic Integrity Panel, and am active in Peace Studies.

Currently, I’m working on my Fulbright application to Morocco. I’m applying for a research grant where I would like to study migration in and through Morocco. They say you should send in your application and then go on with your life as if you’d never applied (since the odds of getting it are so low), BUT I’M SO EXCITED!

Stay tuned for thoughts on return culture shock, study abroad recaps, more OMA plugs, and more!

Zander E. Willoughby ’18 is a Political Science & French major & Peace Studies minor, a Multicultural Affairs Programmer, and more. He is currently in his last year at Manchester and painfully aware of that fact every day. He is currently learning French and Arabic, loves cooking and amateur photography. His future plans include pursuing a Master's in International Affairs in the hopes of working with Migration, Refugee Affairs, and Human Rights.

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