Hiring Process

Step 1  |  Apply for the position and submit a resume

You’ve successfully submitted your application via ADP and received a confirmation email. The next step in the process is for your application to be reviewed by the hiring supervisor and/or search committee. Successful candidates will be contacted for an interview in Step 2.

Step 2  |  Interviews

A Manchester representative will contact you to schedule an initial interview. These are often conducted via telephone or video calls. This is an opportunity to learn more about the position and University, as well as expound on your strengths and qualifications. Tell us why you are the best candidate for the job!  Second interviews are generally held on campus. The format will vary based on the type of position.  Once the applicant pool has been narrowed down to the top candidates, the hiring manager will conduct reference checks.

Step 3  |  Offer of employment

Human Resources will make a verbal offer of employment to the selected candidate. After any negotiations have been made and approved, an official, written offer of employment is then emailed to the candidate. This will include confirmation of position title, start date, compensation, and any other pertinent information. All other candidates who were not selected will receive a declination notification.

Step 4  | New Hire Paperwork

The new employee will return their signed offer letter, a personal data form, and provide consent for background check screening. HR will enter the employee into the HRIS and process the background check. Next, the employee will receive a notification to complete onboarding tasks via ADP.

Step 5  |  You’re Hired!

Welcome to the team! The first day of employment will be spent in orientation on our North Manchester campus. The new employee will receive details regarding what to bring and expect prior to the first day.

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