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The best YOU means the best MU

The Health Services  and the Acorn Pantry have created this page to connect students with information and resources about diet and nutrition. Below you will find links to cheap and dorm-friendly recipes, nutrition basics, and provision of certain types of diets. Please follow our YouTube channel, which provides playlists of many different health topics.

Why Nutrition? 

According to MedicineNet, nutrition means "the process of taking in food and using it for growth, metabolism and repair. Nutritional stages are ingestion, digestion, absorption, transport, assimilation and excretion."

It is our goal for every student at Manchester University to thrive in their environment and, to reach this goal, the first step is educating students about what we put into our bodies. 



Why College Students?

College students constantly face time constraints, lack of sleep and unhealthy snacking, and are susceptible to more illnesses living in close quarters. A stereotypical unhealthy student diet may may consist of eating ramen noodles or quick snacks for meals and chips and soda while studying or relaxing.

Developing good nutrition habits is crucial in keeping our Spartans as healthy as possible to perform well at all their tasks on and off campus. Proper nutrition can provide benefits such as improved digestion, less fatigue, better moods, higher concentration and improved mental and physical performance.

Health Services wishes to emphasize the importance of health and nutrition, including unique individual needs, so that students can perform at their best while they learn and grow at Manchester.

Check out these helpful cooking videos!

Follow our YouTube channel to find dorm-friendly, low-cost recipes and meal preparations. Even simple swaps to make your everyday "college food" a little more healthier go a long way in benefiting your health. 

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Vegetarian Diet 

Thought about becoming vegetarian? CLICK HERE to learn more about vegetarianism and how to plan your diet accordingly. There are different types of vegetarian diets that may suit your needs.


Vegan Diet 

Ever wondered what being vegan entails? Have you previously been vegan and found that it was unsustainable? CLICK HERE for more information on the diet and what nutrients are most important to get. 

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Weight Gain Diet

Looking to gain weight and you are not succeeding? CLICK HERE for details on how to properly gain weight and not overindulge or fill your body with junk food.

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Weight Loss Diet

Trying to lose weight and it is not working? CLICK HERE to use this guide on how to pick healthier food options to maximize your results. 

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Mood or Energy Boosting Diets

Looking for a mood or energy boost? CLICK HERE to incorporate these foods into your diet more to give your body the nutrients it needs to run smoothly. 

Check out these additional resources: