Student Life

Religious Life - Fellowship and Ministry Groups

Manchester University has a number of ways to engage and grow in faith:

ROBOT 2017

Manchester Catholics

This is an organization for all interested Catholic and non-Catholic students, faculty, and staff. The group meets periodically to provide religious education, pastoral care, mutual support, fellowship, and service to others. There is discussion, sharing, and snacks, and there are occasional retreats and special events. For more information contact:

Simply Brethren

Simply Brethren is a group dedicated to providing support and connection for Church of the Brethren students and other interested students, faculty, and staff. Simply Brethren meetings center around fellowship and include times of worship, playing games, educational events, exploring Church of the Brethren heritage, sharing, singing, discussions around current issues, and enjoying each other's company. People of all faith traditions are invited to participate. For more information contact:

ROBOT* (Radically Obedient Brethren Outreach Team)

This student worship team travels to area Church of the Brethren congregations, primarily during spring semester, to lead worship and visit with church members. Students preach and assist with all facets of the service while developing their ministry gifts. 

Handbell Choir

The goal of the Handbell Choir is to provide members the opportunity to learn, practice and perform together as a musical ensemble. Through performances both on and off campus, the Handbell Choir represents Manchester University in a positive manner to the community. The Handbell Choir is open to all students, faculty and staff regardless of musical skill or familiarity with the handbell instruments. Primary requirement for membership is attendance at weekly rehearsals and performances. Membership is limited to the number of positions available for the number of handbells used by the choir. If interested in being a part of the handbell choir contact

Other Opportunities

Short-term or longer-term book study groups, Bible studies, discussion groups, service opportunities, prayer times, groups for athletes, events with local congregations, and other places to connect faith and education are also offered periodically. See the campus ministry office to inquire about starting a group or for information. Current groups meeting regularly include:

  • St. John's Lutheran Church Bible Study
  • Women's Bible study, Sundays
  • Men's Bible study

Campus Interfaith Board also plans a variety of other events, including Focus on Faith Week in the fall and assisting with Peace Week in the spring.

On Sunday mornings, students are encouraged to attend a local congregation. Group visits to a church are sometimes scheduled. For those in the Fort Wayne area, a representative sample of worship communities is available.