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Gurung resettlement research published in peace journal

Anuj GurungResearch by Manchester University Assistant Professor Anuj Gurung has been published in the current edition of Peace Research: The Canadian Journal of Peace and Conflict Studies. 

In “Resettlement and Peace: Experiences of Bhutanese-Nepali Refugees in a United States Rust Belt City,” he examines the resettlement experiences of Bhutanese-Nepali refugees from the perspective of economic development and post-refugee peace.

Gurung argues that the U.S. resettlement system perpetuates structural violence and poverty, and that the resilience of refugee communities often depends on ethnic networks and male-owned businesses. Family members are relied upon to provide capital and labor for little or no income, thus perpetuating gender inequalities. 

The author recommends four ways to better serve the refugee community:

  • Shift the U.S. government’s priority for resettled refugees away from short-term economic gains toward long-term needs
  • Offer financial support for a year to mitigate economic, social and psychological stress on refugees
  • Carry out long-term, strategic investment in refugee talent and capital
  • Support culturally appropriate programs to address gender inequality in refugee communities.

    For the media
    Anuj Gurung, Ph.D., holds the Gladdys Muir Endowed Professorship of Peace Studies at Manchester University in North Manchester, Indiana.

November 2022