Higher Education Emergency Relief Funding

Frequently Asked Questions

(updated 10/28/2021)

  1. When and how will I get my money?

    The first step is to complete the HEERF III Grant Disbursement Form and select how you would like to receive your money.  Students have the option to apply funds to their 2021-2022 academic year balance/student account, through eRefund (direct deposit) or by check to be available for pick up in Student Financial Services (Chinworth 103).  eRefunds are typically available two days after processing.  Students will receive notification once the check is available for pick up in Student Financial Services during business hours; Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  

  2. How do I create an eRefund account?

    1. Log into ChetNet
    2. Select “Student Account Center” button
    3. Select “Electronic Refunds” in the right-hand column
    4. Complete Two-Step Verification
    5. Select Set-Up Refund Account
    6. Follow prompts on the screen

  3. Why did I get a different amount than my friend?

    Grant amounts were determined based on information available to the University through the financial aid process.  Manchester was required to prioritize students with exceptional need. 

  4. How will I know when my refund has been disbursed?

    Students choosing to have the funds applied to their balance will not receive a notification.  Students electing to receive funds through eRefund or paper check will receive an email when the disbursement is made.

  5. What do I do if I change my mind about how I want to receive my grant, but have already completed the HEERF III Grant Disbursement Form?
    If you selected to have funds applied to your student account, that process happens immediately and is not reversible.  If you selected to receive your funds through eRefund or paper check, as long as the process has not already run to distribute/pay the funds a request can be made by completing the HEERF III Grant Distribution Form again and the most recent request would be honored.

  6. What if I am receiving more money than my outstanding balance with the school?
    If you choose to apply your HEERF III funds to your 2021-2022 academic year balance/student account, funds will first be applied to any outstanding balance for fall 2021.  Any remaining funds will be applied toward spring 2022 balance/student account.

  7. Can undergraduate students apply for additional money?

    All available funds are being distributed to undergraduate students in one round in an effort to help as many students as possible as quickly as possible.

  8. Will there be additional federal aid coming in the future?

    At this time, it does not appear so.

  9. What if I don’t complete the HEERF III Grant Disbursement Form?

    Students who do not complete the HEERF III Grant Disbursement Form by November 10 will receive grants by eRefund or paper check no later than November 30

  10. Who do I contact if I have more questions?
    For additional questions, please contact health@manchester.edu.