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Compensation Policy

This policy includes basic information regarding compensation from grants and sponsored programs at Manchester University. Accompanying this policy is a time and effort report template. All Manchester University exempt employees receiving compensation from federal grants and sponsored programs are required to complete a time and effort report each reporting period. The grants office will contact you with the appropriate report and instructions when applicable.

Financial Conflict of Interest Policies and Forms

The policies and processes detailed here are designed to promote objectivity in research and to ensure that the design, conduct and reporting of research conducted at the University and sponsored with federal funds are not biased by any perceived or real financial conflict of interest (FCOI) of an Investigator. 
PHS (Public Health Service) Financial Conflict of Interest Policy and Form
This policy is intended to comply with the current federal regulations governing FCOIs entitled "Responsibility of Applicants for Promoting Objectivity in Research for which PHS Funding is Sought" (42 C.F.R. Part 50, Subpart F). When applicable (see list of PHS funded agencies below), researchers must review the policy below and fill out the attached form, updating the form annually. Researchers must also complete the NIH training below prior to engaging in PHS-funded research.
NIH FCOI Training
NSF (National Science Foundation) Financial Conflict of Interest Policy and Form
This policy is intended to comply with the current federal regulations governing FCOIs in National Science Foundation-funded research. When applicable, fill out the following form.

Research Misconduct/
Responsible Conduct of Research Policies

It is Manchester’s policy that all scholarship and research be characterized by the highest standards of integrity. This Research Misconduct Policy below details Manchester's policies and procedures with respect to allegations of misconduct in scholarship and research and meets Manchester’s responsibilities under federal regulations. The Responsible Conduct of Research document below details Manchester's training requirements for the responsible conduct of research.

If you have completed CITI training in the past (with Manchester or with a previous institution) log in using the general username and password fields. The "log in through my institution" option is not available at Manchester. If you have never completed CITI training, create a new account by clicking Register.

*Note: if you have completed CITI training in the past with another institution, logging in with your old credentials will retain your training history. Once in CITI, you can affiliate your account with Manchester.

Policy Statement on Direct vs. Indirect Costs

When creating a grant budget, make sure you appropriately classify direct and indirect costs. When spending funds, make sure you do not charge items to a grant that are considered indirect costs.


Allowable and Unallowable Costs

If you are spending federal funds, all expenses must be allowable, allocable, consistent, and reasonable. Click the link below for more information.


Special Circumstances

  •  To spend funds before an award is made, get written approval from the business office and notify your area vice president.
  • If excess funds remain after the completion of a project, follow funder guidelines regarding excess funds.
  • When required by the funder, you must get funder approval before making changes to your grant budget, send a notification to the office of institutional effectiveness, and send a notification to your supervisor.

Participant Support Costs

If your budget includes participant support costs, those funds should be kept separate from other grant funds, and cannot be re-budgeted without written sponsor approval. 



Student Research Assistants
If you are planning to hire a research assistant through your grant, you must meet the Research Assistant/Internship requirements outlined by the Office of Career and Professional Development. Please contact Tish Kalita for more information.

Confidential Compensation Information
Some grant budgets contain confidential salary or wage information. If you are involved with this type of grant, note that it is covered under the confidentiality agreement (on file with HR) that you signed when you started at Manchester, several years ago, or more recently. If you do not have an agreement on file and are involved with this type of grant, HR or the Office of Institutional Effectiveness will contact you to complete an agreement.