Tools and Resources


Funding Opportunities

Manchester subscribes to a database of funding opportunities called Foundation Directory. Contact the Office of Institutional Effectiveness or visit the grants page on ChetNet for login information.

Grant Management

Below is a post-award grant management guide for faculty and staff members managing grants at Manchester.

Quick Facts

University address and North Manchester Campus address
Manchester University 
604 E College Avenue
North Manchester, IN 46962-1276
Fort Wayne Campus address
10627 Diebold Road
Fort Wayne, IN 46845-8606
Student Compensation
1. Student researchers and interns are paid $10.00/hour
2. Student workers are paid $7.25/hour
3. Fringe benefits for students are calculated at 7% during the summer, unless you plan to hire an international student. Do not budget for fringe benefits for students during the academic year or for international students (these costs are for FICA, which includes a social security tax and Medicare tax)
Faculty and staff compensation
1. Fringe benefits are calculated at 30% for full-time faculty and staff
2. Cost of living salary increases are usually calculated at 2%
3. For grant budgeting purposes only, effort for undergraduate faculty is estimated at 27 hours: 24 hours of teaching and 3 hours of scholarship, student advising, committee membership, and participation in the life of the department, College, and University. (Revised June 2016)
Common expense questions
1. Regular mileage is reimbursed at the IRS rate (2016 = $0.54)
2. MU vans (15 passenger) cost $0.58/mile (3/31/17)
3. MU people movers (15 passenger) cost $0.73/mile (3/31/17)
4. Meals during travel are budgeted at $40 per day
5. Alcohol can never be charged to a federal grant (except in rare cases with permission from the funder)
6. Grant recipients should follow all MU reimbursement policies
7. "Equipment" is usually any single item over $5,000.
Indirect Rate
1. Non-Federal = 10% (if allowed by the funder)
2. Federal = 25% provisional rate (Updated June 2016)

Common budget lines
1. Consulting Services
2. Contract Printing
3. Department Supplies
4. Faculty Wages
5. Honoraria
6. Lab Supplies
7. Minor Equipment
8. Printing & Copying Fees
9. Professional Development
10. Special Projects & Events
11. Staff Exempt
12. Staff Hourly
13. Student Help
14. Travel-Daily Operations
15. Travel-Professional Development



The following can be used as a resource for describing MU facilities in grants, but please note that every section may not be updated at any given time!