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Manchester University Strategic Plan 2022-2027

Manchester University has a storied tradition of equipping graduates for personal success and service to the world through a distinctive, mission-driven education. Building on that solid foundation, this strategic plan ensures Manchester's continuing relevance, sustainability, and contribution to improving the human condition.

Image displays students walking proudly to graduate from MU

The world needs more Manchester graduates!

Our plan aims to fulfill our vision: Manchester University will be known for transformative learning, engaging student experiences, strength from diversity, deep mentoring relationships, future-focused programs, and our unwavering service to our students, neighbors and the world.

Our mission - our "why" - remains unchanged, while who, where, when, and how we educate will evolve as new opportunities arise. Student success and our long-term vitality are the imperatives that drive our planning.

3 themes, 9 strategies

We have organized our plan around three themes, nine strategies and multiple initiatives. The full plan includes measurable goals, action steps, timelines, and key performance indicators to track progress. Although this plan provides direction, we will continue to challenge assumptions, identify new initiatives, and respond quickly to emerging opportunities.
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