Pharmacy Awards



Fort Wayne Campus

Award Winners: 

Class of 2020     Class of 2021     Class of 2022 

Lilly Achievement Award.

              Demonstrated achievement in area of diabetes care.

Merck Manual Award Scholastic Achievement in Pharmacy Studies

              Recognizes two students for their scholastic achievement in pharmacy studies.

Viatris Excellence in Pharmacy Award

              Recognizes a student that exhibits high professional motivation, practice orientation, and superior proficiency in the provision of drug information services. 

Wolters Kluwer Clinical Drug Information Award of Excellence in Clinical Communication

              Recognizes a graduating student for their outstanding academic achievements and communication skills. 

USPHS Excellence in Public Health Pharmacy Award

              Recognizes a graduating student for their demonstrated commitment to the creation and support of public health initiatives within their surrounding communities.

APhA-ASP Senior Recognition Award

              Recognizes a student that displayed outstanding and sustained contributions to Manchester APhA-ASP Chapter.

ASHP Outgoing President Award

Recognizes the outgoing President of ASHP.

Community Service Engagement Award

              Recognizes graduating students who displayed an unwavering commitment to our program’s vision – to improve the human condition through service.

Excellence in Research Award

              Recognizing a graduating student who has achieved academic success and made a significant contribution to the research efforts of the program. 

Excellence in Clinical Practice Award

              Recognizes the graduating student who has achieved academic success and demonstrated excellence in clinical pharmacy practice throughout their program. 

Distinguished Professional Leadership Award

              Recognizes three graduating students for their willingness to serve and develop as leaders within the pharmacy program.

APPE Student of the Year
Recognizes a graduating student for excellence in the experiential setting.