VIA Application Guidelines

Any individual, student group, or campus organization may submit a program application to the Values, Ideas and Arts (VIA) Committee.

Programs qualifying for VIA credit must fulfill two of the three goals below:

  • enhance students' educational experiences through exposure to a diversity of opinions, music, art, and service opportunities,
  • provide faculty with topics that are both within and outside their fields of study that will promote their intellectual talents,
  • promote faculty and student ownership of the VIA program.

Due dates for VIA applications:

  • 45 days before the event during the academic year
  • 45 days before the semester concludes for events early in the following semester (September/January and February). The VIA Committee does not convene during summer and January sessions

Applications received after these dates will be accepted, but approval will be governed by existing scheduling, financial commitments, and the availability of the VIA Committee to review the application. Incomplete applications will delay the process. Please include program details, web links and other information that will help the committee make a timely decision.

For VIA-credit programs, sponsoring groups or individuals assume leadership and responsibilities for all arrangements regarding planning and preparations. Please see the VIA sponsor checklist for review of these responsibilities. Two very important responsibilities include the event location and the date and time selected for the event. The VIA committee strongly recommends Cordier Auditorium for all VIA events unless there is a scheduling conflict or if the format of the program necessitates a different type of space. Room reservations should be made at the time of application. Afternoon events are often planned for Tuesday or Thursday at 3:30 p.m. and evening events are often planned for Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday at 7 p.m.Applications from students or student organizations must be accompanied by a letter by a faculty or staff sponsor committing support and guidance throughout the process, planning, and actual event.

Direct questions to the Values Ideas Arts (VIA) Committee or to the VIA administrative secretary, Kathrine Dwyer in Academic Resources (AD 133),, x5051.