Notes For Students On Fine Arts Performances

Manchester University is pleased to host fine arts performances for the cultural enrichment of both the campus community and the general public.

Although VIA credit may be offered, these are not typical VIA events. When you attend a performance that includes guests from surrounding communities, you represent both the student body and the University. With this in mind, please observe the following:

  1. A fine arts performance is an occasion. Many in the audience will dress up, and musicians are usually in formal attire. While you don’t need to wear your best outfit, this is not a time for grubs.
  2. When an event is widely advertised off campus, it is more likely that there will be crowds. Arrive at least 10 minutes before the performance and find your seat quickly.
  3. Be respectful of the performers and fellow audience members by putting away ALL electronic devices (including phones). 
  4. Refrain from talking and doing homework. Do not bring food or drink into the auditorium.
  5. Remember that fine arts performances are usually longer than a regular VIA, and you need to be respectful until the end of the performances.

    Finally, show your appreciation with applause at the end of the piece and at the end of the performance. If you don’t know when it’s OK to applaud, take your cue from others in the audience.

    We hope you enjoy the show!

    The VIA Committee