Where VIA And Other Posters Can Go

Departments or organizations who are the primary sponsor (originator) of VIA events are responsible for leadership in venue, finance and publicity. This includes putting up posters. 

On Campus


  •  In most cases, use gummy poster stuff on campus, although taking along some thumb tacks is a good idea. No tape.
  • No toilet doors; Toilet Talk is the only approved item for that location
  • Do not cover building entry windows or door windows; it’s a fire hazard.
  • Do not cover other event posters or emergency notice posters
  • If a place should be added to this list, email Anne Gregory

Best options:

  • Academic Center - Stairwells, especially the south stairwell. Many faculty members will put them on their doors or on the round posts in their areas, if you ask.
  • Jo Young Switzer Center near Haist Commons, and see Sandy Bendsen upstairs at the Success Center about being on the entrance display.
  • Admin Building: north side main bulletin board, (ask the President’s Office to be added to the) president’s board, dean’s board, basement lounge board, board across from one-stop service center (if it’s crowded, ask Anne Gregory if you can add it)
  • Multicultural Center
  • Library
  • Science Center -- Bulletin boards in front of the elevators on each floor that are available for public postings.  In addition, each department has its own bulletin boards which require the permission of each department chair.  Posters placed anywhere else are removed by the faculty as soon as they are seen.
  • PERC
  • Wine/Winger entrances 
  • Cordier Auditorium
  • All Residence Halls (5 halls, ask friends for entry)
  • Petersime Chapel

Off Campus

* Suggested top priorities if you have limited posters for off-campus use.Dairy Queen
309 SR 13 North

Beacon Credit Union
1301 SR 114 W.

First Merchants Bank
901 SR 114 W.

Lance's New Market
SR 114 W.

* North Manchester Library
North Market Street

* Peabody Retirement Community (2)
400 W. 7th St.

* Timbercrest   (2 -- Tell the front desk that 1 is for Ruthann Angle and the other is for Brian Daniels)
County Road 200 E.

* Town Life Center
603 N. Bond St.

Strauss Aquatic Center (Community Pool)
Market St.

Mr. Dave's 
102 E. Main St.

Zook’s Health Café
209 E. Main St.

* El Mesquite Mexican Restaurant
402 Wabash Road

* Kenapocomocha Coffeehouse
101 East 2nd St.

One World Handicrafts
226 E. Main St.

 * Main View Restaurant
141 E. Main St.

228 E. Main St.

Casey’s gas station
810 W. Main St.

NM Church of Brethren 
1306 Beckley St. 

First Financial Bank
106 N Market

Chamber of Commerce 
109 N Market Street

Mexican Grocery Store (near One World Handicrafts)

Not McDonald’s or Hardees