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Arts & Humanities - Music

Program opportunities

  • Major in Music
    • Applied concentration (performance major)
    • General concentration
    • Theory-Composition concentration
  • Music Education
  • Minor in Music


College music programs do more than just feed the soul. They enrich the culture of the University, provide service and a meaningful bridge to the surrounding community and offer virtually limitless opportunities for rewarding careers in music performance, music education, music technology, composition and more.

A comprehensive course of study in majors and minors in music provides everything from practice to theory, individual lessons to group lessons. It teaches not only musicianship but fosters a lifelong desire for the performance and appreciation of music, and for passing on that desire to others.

Why Manchester?

At Manchester University, we strive to go a step beyond. And that’s especially true in our music curriculum.

An accomplished and dedicated faculty embraces the MU ideal of the whole student -- breadth outside of music as well as within it -- and believes passionately that music can change people’s lives. It’s why the music program offers so many ways for students who aren’t music majors but wish to participate in MU’s outstanding program nonetheless.

For those who do pursue a music degree, however, Manchester offers a full range of opportunities in the field. Students are taught to understand and appreciate Western art music through a balance of academic and performance areas of music. In addition, they are also exposed to the diversity of musical expression through course offerings in world musics and jazz.

A Manchester music degree, whether in performance, general concentration or theory-composition concentration, expertly trains students as performers, teachers and advisors, and stresses fundamental skills and understanding in solo and ensemble performance, music education, history and analysis, theory, and conducting.

Students interested in majoring or participating in music at MU should consider attending one of our Music @ Manchester Weekends. Learn more here.

Careers in Music

  • Accompanist
  • Actor/Actress
  • Audio Recording Engineer
  • Choir Director
  • Composer/Arranger
  • Conductor
  • Disc Jockey
  • Multimedia Sound Worker
  • Music Agent
  • Music Critic
  • Music Producer
  • Music Teacher/Professor
  • Musician
  • Tour Manager
  • Vocal Performer
  • 85 Careers for a Music Major

Program highlights

  • Music majors in performance, general concentration and theory/composition concentration and music education, enabling you to begin your career in music
  • Jazz and small ensembles
  • Gold & Black Attack Pep Band
  • Music @ Manchester Weekends
  • Opera Workshop
  • The music department offers scholarships to all students interested in participating in one or more of our ensembles. To audition for a scholarship, contact Dr. Tim Reed or attend one of our Music at Manchester weekends. For further information, check out audition requirements.  

Successful Graduates

  • Erika Reffitt '15, vocal performance major, performed at the Auer Auditorium at IPFW with the Fort Wayne Area Community Band.
  • Jeremiah Sanders '14 is a graduate student in vocal performance at Butler University.
  • Kelly Iler '14 is a graduate student in vocal performance at University of Northern Colorado. She is currently embarking on an opera internship in Italy.
  • Oscar Erwin '14 is pursuing his master’s degree in music theory at the University of Southern Mississippi and is also organizer of both the Rural America New Music Festival and the USM New Music Festival.
  • Stephanie Green '11 Rapatta is a choral music educator for Elkhart, Ind., Community Schools.
  • Tyler Secor '10 is pursuing his Ph.D in music theory at Ball State University.
  • David Moan '09 is a professional opera singer and performs with the Michigan Opera Theatre in Detroit, Mich.