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Music - Faculty

Professors of Music

Portrait of Tim Reed
Dr. Tim Reed, Ph. D.

Music Department Chair
Professor of Music
Theory & Composition Coordinator

Portrait of Dr. Scott Humphries
Dr. Scott Humphries, D. M. A.

Associate Professor of Music
Director of Bands and Music Education

Portrait of Dr. Debra Lynn
Dr. Debra Lynn, D. A.

Professor of Music
Director of Choral Organizations, Voice Study
Conductor/Artistic Director, Manchester Symphony Orchestra

Faculty Emeritus

Portrait of John Planer
Dr. John Planer, Ph. D.

Professor Emeritus of Music

Adjunct Faculty

Portrait of Kelly Hornbarger

Kelly Hornbarger

Lecturer of Music, Flute

Image of Gilmar Cavalconte Da Silva

Dr. Gilmar Cavalcante Da Silva, D. A.

Lecturer of Music, Trumpet

Image of Dr. Solomonson

Dr. Terry Solomonson, Ph. D.

Lecturer of Music, Low Brass

Image of Elizabeth Smith

Elizabeth Smith

Lecturer of Music, Violin & Viola

Image of Robert Lynn

Robert Lynn

Lecturer of Music, Cello

Image of Stephanie See

Stephanie See

Lecturer of Music, Piano