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Performance facilities include the 1,300-seat Cordier Auditorium and, for smaller, more intimate performances, the Norman and Grace Wine Recital Hall in Otho Winger Hall.

Instruments include three pipe organs, 9-foot and 7-foot Steinway pianos for performances in Cordier Auditorium, two 7-foot Steinway pianos for performances in Wine Recital Hall, and a harpsichord.

Otho Winger Hall also houses twelve practice rooms with pianos and a computer lab. The Music Computer Lab has five workstations equipped with audio and MIDI hardware and software. The lab offers MU students access to digital audio recording, editing, and mastering as well as professional notation software. The Wine Recital Hall is also equipped for hard-disk recording. Classrooms in Winger Hall are specially designed for music-specific courses.

A large selection of instruments are available for student use, as well as an excellent collection of books, printed music and an extensive collection of classical, jazz and world music recordings.