Arthur L. Gilbert College of Business

Master of Accountancy - FAQs 

  • Q: When would I apply for that program? Do I need to apply for the program as a high school senior?
    A: Students do not need to apply until the middle of the sophomore year of college. High school students should not apply. 

  • Q: What does the fourth year look like specifically?
    A: It is rigorous. Students will take 18 semester hours of course work in the fall and the spring, and a four-hour course in January. 

  • Q: What is the added benefit from receiving a master’s degree in accounting rather than receiving a bachelor’s degree? 
    A: The additional courses will prepare students for the CPA exam. Without those courses, the students would not have the background needed to be ready for the exam. 

  • Q: Do tuition levels increase/decrease/remain the same during the “+1” year during the master’s program?
    A:  Any changes in tuition in the fourth year would be the same as changes for the rest of the undergraduate student body on campus because the students in the program remain full-time undergraduate students for all four years. The master’s courses are not priced differently. 

  • Q: What kind of internships are available?
    A: Each student must complete an internship to graduate. While there are some summer internships, most of the accounting students complete a full-time internship during January and spring of the third year, usually doing tax work for a public accounting firm. Students do not take other courses during this time.