Pharmacy, Natural & Health Sciences

Exercise Science and Athletic Training - Clinical and Rehabilitation Sciences

The Clinical and Rehabilitation Sciences major (formerly Exercise Science) prepares students for graduate study in one of the exercise sciences -- physical therapy, occupational therapy, exercise physiology, biomechanics, nutrition and cardiac rehabilitation.

Students wishing to complete an Athletic Training 3+2 program, also should start with an undergraduate major in Clinical and Rehabilitation Sciences, leading to a Master of Athletic Training degree.

Clinical and Rehabilitation Sciences Learning Objectives

Upon completing the requirements and training for this major, students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of:
    • Normal structural anatomy and function of the human body
    • Typical acute and chronic adaptations of the body to exercise
    • Nutritional concepts as they effect the exercising human
    • Administrative principles associated with health and fitness organizations, including facility design, human resources, budgeting, and risk management
    • Fundamental concepts of inorganic chemistry
    • Accepted research procedures in human performance
    • Statistical concepts as applied to human performance
  • Demonstrate skill in::
    • Accurate measurement of various physiological parameters (e.g. oxygen consumption, body composition, blood pressure)
    • Accurately and critically interpreting relevant research in human performance