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Manchester University’s Master of Science degree in Pharmacogenomics (MS in PGx) gives students the unique opportunity to enter one of the newest and most exciting fields of science: personalized medicine, also known as precision medicine. The study of the relationship between an individual’s genes and his or her response to a medication allows physicians and other clinicians to prescribe drugs to maximize therapy early on and avoid or decrease the chance of adverse effects. Pharmacogenomics is a revolutionary application of science, and wherever you are in your educational or professional journey, Manchester offers a way for you to break into the pharmacogenomics field.

Program Opportunities


PGx student extracts DNA

Master of Science in Pharmacogenomics - On-Site

  • For those who will work in the pharmaceutical, genetic testing and professional service industries
  • One-year program (Summer through May)
  • At Manchester’s Fort Wayne, Ind., location
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PGx professor uses machine

Master of Science in Pharmacogenomics – Online

  • For trained health professionals, i.e., physician assistants, pharmacists, genetic counselors and nurse practitioners, who want to implement PGx into patient care, or for any individual interested in PGx
  • Can be completed in as little as two years (Spring or fall start)
  • Completely online
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Medical professional discusses patient

Graduate Certificate in Pharmacogenomics - Online

  • For health care professionals seeking to enhance, expand, and differentiate their practice and optimize the care they provide their patients.
  • Five courses, 180 contact hours
  • Completely online
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Pharmacy and Pharmacogenomics Dual Degree
  • For students who want to simultaneously earn a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degree and an MS in PGx to become leaders in the pharmacy profession through PGx implementation and expansion of clinical practice.
  • Receive a dual degree in Pharmacy and PGx in the same amount of time it takes to complete a Pharm.D. degree
  • Also available for students interested in PharmD. Distance Pathway
  • At Manchester's Fort Wayne location
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Science students work in a lab

BS to MS in PGx

  • For undergraduate students to get preparation for admission into the Master of Science in Pharmacogenomics Program and a career in the pharmaceutical, genetic testing or professional service industries
  • For students on our North Manchester campus
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