Manchester University Academic Catalog 2017-2018

International Studies

Director, Benson C. Onyeji

A minor in international studies is a viable and attractive option for students in a variety of majors, both in Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science programs. This program is an interdisciplinary examination of the cultural, political, economic and social patterns that have defined our modern world. Students who minor in international studies enhance their majors and expand their educational and employment opportunities upon graduation.

The minor in international studies is filled with rich and exciting experiences. It provides students with a wild range of opportunities to:

  • gain skills in diplomacy, communication, negotiation and conflict resolution
  • participate in the Harvard National Model United Nations Conferences
  • acquire social skills and cultural sensitivity through interaction with other people and cultures
  • pursue individual, interdisciplinary tracks or areas of interest within the parameters outlined in the program curriculum

Minor in international studies, 24 hours: POSC 131, 140; one course selected from: ECON 221, ECON 222, INTD 320, INTD 425, INTD 441, INTD 4277; one course selected from: PEAC 110, PEAC 33, POSC 360, POSC 365, POSC 367; one course selected from: ART 348, COMM 256, COMM 362, ENVS 130, FREN 111, FREN 112, HIST 204, HIST 210, HIST 226, HIST 242, HIST 246, HIST 250, HIST 263, MUS 119, POSC 236, POSC 237, REL 222, REL 223, SPAN 111, SPAN 112, SOC 311; three semester hours of course work taken through a short-term, semester or year-long study abroad program; students will demonstrate intermediate or higher proficiency in a language other than their native language. This requirement may be waived for students who complete a significant and appropriate international experience without acquiring intermediate language proficiency.