Figuring out financial aid can be easy, guaranteed.

MU Students

At Manchester University, we do everything possible to make sure a quality education is accessible, and we’re known for it. That’s why we’ve been ranked a “Best Value” school in the Midwest by U.S.News & World Report for years. We pride ourselves on being a place of affordable excellence and we back that up with great scholarships and a focus on outcomes.

Your investment in Manchester is a wise investment. We guarantee it.

College is one of the most important investments you’ll ever make, and at Manchester we invest in you and back it up with our Triple Guarantee.

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Triple Guarantee

Guarantee #1
Financial aid for full-time students.

100% of our students receive financial aid. We don’t accept everyone, and those we do accept have done enough to earn financial aid.
We give generously. The average size of our financial aid is about $23,000 per student. Most of that is gift aid that doesn't have to be paid back.

The average Manchester student graduates with $29,958 of debt. Since college graduates earn an average of $1.4 million more over their lifetimes, it’s a small investment.
*Source: 2010 U.S. Census applying 5% annual raises over 40 years

Guarantee #2
Graduation within four years for all full-time students

Students who need a fifth year to graduate pay no tuition for those remaining credits. Nearly all Manchester graduates make it through in four years or less…We’ve offered this guarantee for years but rarely need to use it.

Want to go faster? Our Fast Forward™ program enables motivated students to graduate in only three years in most majors.

Based on the average starting salary for a college graduate in Indiana, you will earn $465,000 more over your lifetime by completing your degree at Manchester in four years vs. completing a degree in six years.

Guarantee #3
A job or enrollment in graduate school within six months of graduation

Nearly 95 percent of graduates are employed, in further studies or in full-time volunteer services within six months of graduation!*

*Five-year average is 94.6 percent based on a 93 percent knowledge rate.

89% of our graduates seeking medical school, over the last ten years, got accepted compared to the national average of only 56%.

Quality pays. The average starting salary for a Manchester accounting major is $44,333 compared with a regional average of $33,407-$43,067
*Source: RHI

We're proud of our tradition of success and our ability to offer a Manchester education at a price that's within reach. We strive to create the very best academic and experiential education that equips students to lead lives of ability and conviction. Guaranteed.

For full details on Manchester's Triple Guarantee, click here.