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Ciara Knisely

  • Don't Forget to Create

    by Ciara Knisely | Apr 16, 2018

    Hi Spartans!

    As the semester is winding down, it can be pretty easy to fall into an unmotivated slump. My “slump” started in early January and has only increased in its downward momentum. I understand that staying in a happy mental state is just as important as getting class work done; With that being said, I think that practicing a little bit of creativity now and then is beneficial for everyone and can help keep our spirits up.

                So, no matter your major, career path, or creative abilities, there are outlets for everyone to participate in some sort of creation, whether it’s writing stories or poetry (my main outlet of creative expression), painting, singing and dancing, photography, etc., but the point is to create. Please don’t doubt your abilities, either! How “good” your creation looks is arbitrary, but I firmly believe that the results are not; having a creative outlet helps to de-stress and think differently as you use different parts of your brain. And, it’s incredibly satisfying to see something and think, I did that.

                I know I’m probably only appealing to people in the arts, but I urge anyone and everyone to try to create, because I love the feeling of completion after finishing a poem, and I would say it is definitely a stress reliever. Creative writing isn’t everyone’s forte, but I think it’s one that’s more accessible to everyone than other art forms. I personally think that writing poetry is an awesome form of creation because it’s so inclusive; you don’t need to be a “professional” and you don’t need to be well-versed with every famous poet, you just write. You can become a poet just by writing down one single line of poetry, and I think that’s awesome.

                Because of that, I wanted to share with my readers some platforms where you can possibly have your creations published!