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Ciara Knisely

  • Freshman to Senior Year

    by Ciara Knisely | Sep 08, 2017
    <p>Knowing that I&rsquo;ll be graduating in May, a whole year earlier than I planned on, it has been an odd experience seeing all the new students on campus. It seems like just last week I was one of those first-years walking across campus and signing up for first-year workshops. Now, I&rsquo;m in my Senior Seminar with one of the very first professors I met before I began my first year at Manchester, and I keep thinking about what has changed and how fast this journey has gone by.</p> <p>When time goes by, we never feel much different than we think we did in the past. I am a different person than I was three years ago, but I&rsquo;m also the same. I just grew a little bit. And if I&rsquo;m being honest, I am really proud of the person I&rsquo;ve grown to be. I know that I will continue growing throughout my last year at Manchester, too, but I&rsquo;m excited for the result. But all of this thinking about graduation just reminds me of all of my favorite memories on campus, and I hope I never forget them. </p> <p>I remember taking my first English class, with Beate, and knowing I was in the right place. Now, I look back on the class and smile, because so many of my friends were in that class, but they just hadn&rsquo;t become my friends yet. </p> <p>I remember my FYS professor, Dr. Planer (retired), being one of the very first people at Manchester to show just how literally we live out our values here, being a kind of supportive person that I needed. As I write this, more memories come back to me, and I remember emailing daily back and forth with Dr. Planer before my first semester had even started. I hadn&rsquo;t even met him yet, but he was already showing kindness and concern for me. I will always remember the times I sat in his office and he would look at me with such a genuine look, ask me how I was, how I <em>really</em> was, and I just burst into tears for no known reason. It was just seeing the utter look of care on his face&mdash;it always overwhelmed me, but in a good way, and that is what Manchester means for me. </p> <p>I remember getting my first on-campus job, at the Writing Center. It was the perfect job for me, and still is, and I was so excited when I got offered a position at the end of my first year. I&rsquo;ve met so many people and made friends just by working here, and it&rsquo;s so satisfying being able to help my peers improve their work.</p> <p>I remember all the fun shenanigans my friends and I would do for fun, like watching the small animals in the Science Center and setting up a Ouija board but being too afraid to use it. I remember my best friend carrying me across the mall as we headed toward one of the dances on campus; I had heels on and we were running late. I remember stare-offs with squirrels who were a little too social, and long nights spent in the library during finals week. I remember interviewing what seems like a million people for the Oak Leaves, and learning more about this community than I would&rsquo;ve imagined. </p> <p>Overall, this place has changed me. Of course I&rsquo;ve grown on my own, but I&rsquo;ve learned more about the world than I could&rsquo;ve imagined, and I&rsquo;m grateful to attend a school that only makes me eager to learn more.<br /> <br /> <img src="/images/default-source/default-album/ciaraknisely2612dd922d02625b9ff6ff0100763cab.jpg?sfvrsn=cd10bf62_0" data-displaymode="Original" alt="CiaraKnisely" title="CiaraKnisely" /><br /> <em>Ciara</em> <em>Knisely &rsquo;18 is an English-Creative Writing major and Journalism minor, and hopes to continue her writing&nbsp;career&nbsp;in the future. She spends her time&nbsp;working at the Writing Center&nbsp;on campus&nbsp;and is a&nbsp;Co-Editor of the Oak Leaves newspaper. &nbsp;</em></p>