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  • Hannah's Winter Break Bucket List 2016

    by Hannah Brown | Dec 21, 2016
    <p>If you know me, you know that winter is my favorite season. There&rsquo;s something just so magical about the snow, the fashion, twinkle lights, and bundling up to brace the cold. Also, I love peppermint hot chocolate with all my heart and it&rsquo;s really only available during winter.</p> <p>To me, winter break is the best time of the year! I love being home in my small hometown in Ohio, being with friends and family, celebrating the holidays, the snow, and all the food I get to eat. However, over winter break I always end up staying in bed, watching Christmas movies, and drinking hot chocolate. Not that that any of those are bad things, I just never get around to doing all the things I want to do. This year, I&rsquo;ve decided to make a bucket list for the 19 days I&rsquo;m home.</p> <p>So here ya go!</p> <p style="text-align: center;">Hannah&rsquo;s Winter Break Bucket List 2016:</p> <ul> <li><strong>Go ice-skating! </strong>Every year I tell myself that I&rsquo;ll go ice-skating with my friends, and every year I never do. So this year, I will make plans to go ice-skating in Dayton, OH at the rink by the river. It&rsquo;s such a beautiful place, to have the city on one side, and the Great Miami River on the other side. </li> <li><strong>Start and finish a book!</strong> I&rsquo;ve always loved reading, but since I started college, I&rsquo;ve found it hard to make time to read, let alone finish a book. I have dozens of amazing novels and non-fiction books that I&rsquo;ve wanted to read, like <em>Devil in the White City, All Rivers Run to the Sea, </em>and<em> A Casual Vacancy</em>. So this break, I plan on starting and finishing at least one book, or maybe all three. </li> <li><strong>Donate old clothes! </strong>I have so many clothes that I don&rsquo;t wear, and don&rsquo;t need. So rather than keeping them, and letting them take up space I could use for other things, I&rsquo;ve decided to donate them to my local Salvation Army. </li> <li><strong>Bake cookies! </strong>Just like ice-skating, I also tell myself every year that I&rsquo;ll bake cookies or other desserts and pastries with my mom. And yet, we never do, so this year will be different.</li> <li><strong>Have a spa day with my friends! </strong>My friends and I love doing facemasks and painting our nails, so this year I plan on making a whole day out of it. We&rsquo;ve already decided that we will do homemade facials, do our nails, make hair masks, and have tea. </li> <li><strong>Set (and keep) a New Year&rsquo;s resolution! </strong>This is another thing I never accomplish. Over break I will figure out what I want my New Year&rsquo;s resolution to be, and then hopefully I&rsquo;ll be able to keep it. </li> <li><strong>Have a movie marathon (with friends)!</strong> Fortunately, I do this every year so it&rsquo;s an easy thing to cross off my list. But this year, I plan on sharing my movie night with my best friends! </li> <li><strong>Go shopping! </strong>Not only do I want to go shopping, but NEED to. So far, I only have Christmas presents for my friends, but I&rsquo;m really excited to shop for my family for the holidays. </li> <li><strong>Relax! </strong>I think most people spend their breaks relaxing, but I think it&rsquo;s especially important for college students to take their time to relax after the stress of finals, and the semester. So don&rsquo;t worry, I&rsquo;ll spend a lot of time relaxing too.&nbsp;</li> </ul> <img src="/images/default-source/social-media-and-official-blogs/hannahbrown.jpg?sfvrsn=1c72b362_0" data-displaymode="Original" alt="HannahBrown" title="HannahBrown" /><br /> <em>Hannah Brown '18 is from Yellow Springs, Ohio. She is majoring in Peace Studies with a focus on Social Justice. She also works as a Student Ambassador at Manchester.</em>