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Heather Steele

  • Top 10 Study Tips

    by Heather Steele | Nov 06, 2018

    Top 10 Study Tips


    Personally, these past few weeks have been filled with random tests and quizzes. I wish I could tell you that they will get easier, but usually that is not the case. Instead, I have decided to write a list of my top 10 favorite study tips that actually work.

    1. Use flashcards

    Using flashcards are beneficial because creating them requires you to study and rewrite things you have written in your notes. They are also a great way to quiz yourself or do some last-minute studying before an exam.

     2. Quizlet

    Quizlet or any other online applications are useful for many reasons. You can create quizzes, make flashcards, and take practice tests that are customized for your test!

    3. Rewrite your notes

    This can be helpful when you have lots of random facts to study. Instead of reading them over and over to yourself, try rewriting them. This has been scientifically proven to help and is especially true when you have previously typed your notes during the lecture.

     4. Study in sections

    Instead of cramming all of the information last minute, study sections of the information at a time.

     5. Make a plan to study

    In addition to studying in sections, make sure you have a plan in mind of when you will study those sections. For example, you could study a chapter a night if you have a big final or midterm to prepare for.

     6. Stay Organized

    One of the biggest tools I use to keep myself organized is a planner!

     7. Make a study group

    Finding a few friends to study with can be beneficial. As long as you are able to stay on tasks, friends can be useful to help you quiz yourself or answer questions you do not know.

     8. Take breaks

    Studies also show that taking “brain breaks” in between studying can help you retain the information better.

     9. Save everything

    Make sure to keep all of those notes and quizzes from each class! Reviewing past test, quizzes, and notes is the best way to study especially for cumulative finals.

     10. Quiz yourself

    This can be helpful to show you how much information you are comfortable with or what you may need to look over again. You could also have a friend quiz you if that works best for you!