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Katie Byers

Hit the Books

by Katie Byers | Sep 19, 2017

Hey, Spartans! Classes are starting to take their toll and the first wave of exams have just passed. I, along with all of you, need some good spots to study around town! Here is a list of my favorite spots to take get some much needed studying accomplished!


  1. Academic Center Conference Room: The small conference rooms at the end of the office hall ways in the Academic Center are perfect. Most are equipped with big white boards, a computer & projector, and a large table to spread out.
  2. Flory Auditorium: This is a great place to study at night with a group of friends. It is large enough that everyone can spread out and work together. The large, moveable white boards are perfect to continue working on a long calc problem or for synthesizing an organic problem without having to erase your previous work. There is also a computer and speakers to play music overhead for any necessary jam session study breaks!
  3. Dorm Room: You have to be careful because this one can be very distracting, but sometimes cuddling up in your PJs to review your notes is the best way to go!
  4. KenapocoMocha: Grab some friends and a cup of coffee. This little spot off campus is the perfect place to get away and get some studying done.
  5. Haist Commons: When Haist isn’t bustling about for lunch hour, it’s a nice quiet place to get some studying done with good ole John Mayer playing in the background.
  6. Grand’s Ice Cream: I know, I know. This isn’t a place to study, but it’s the perfect place for a quick study break. The ice cream is delicious and a really great price!
  7. 3rd Floor Science Center: Whether it’s the large open space opposite the stairs, the p-chem classroom, or the study rooms at the end of the hall, you really can’t go wrong on 3rd floor of the Science Center. The big open windows let in lots of light to brighten the mood… and people watching can be kind of fun too.
  8. Library: As cliché as this one sounds, it’s true. You can rent out big white boards, small study rooms, and laptops. Everything you need to study is there!

Katie Byers '18 is a biology-chemistry major & business minor. A member of MAC and STAT, she studied abroad in New Zealand, and her dream job is to work at an orthopedic hospital. 

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