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Katie Byers

Positivity Push

by Katie Byers | Oct 22, 2017

What’s Up Spartans!

We’ve hit that point in the semester where everyone has the common feeling that they’re drowning in schoolwork, a bit under the weather, and just want to go home for the holiday season. I don’t know about you, but right around this time I need a positivity push in my life – even if it’s just a small daily reminder to appreciate the little things in life. Here are a few ways to brighten up your life:

  1. Check of the Life is Good website: With so much negativity in our current media avenues, this website is a positive platform filled with feel-good heartfelt stories from across the country.
  2. Set Goals: This may sound a little bit cliché, but write your goals down and hang it above your bed. Every day, the first thing you see when you wake up and the last thing you see before you go to bed will be the things you want in life. I don’t know what could be more motivating and reassuring.
  3. Make a List of Accomplishments: In today’s society so many people focus on other’s flaws and what they are doing wrong. Instead of filling your head with negativity, make a list of all the accomplishments you have done and remind yourself weekly that you are successful and a positive impact on the world.
  4. Highs & Lows: At dinner every Sunday night with friends, I like to remind myself that in life there are highs and lows but no matter what, you’ll always get through it. It is a way for me to positively garner my energy and remind myself that no matter how bad a week may seem, there is always something good that comes out of it. And no matter how good a week is, there is something that I can take from the week and grow as a person and learn from it.
  5. Positivity Jar: As an apartment, we have a jar in our living room where we write down something that we are thankful for or something positive that happened in our life. At the end of the year, we will be able to read them and remember that something positive happened each and every day.
  6. Church or Small Group Bible Study: Personally, I enjoy my Sunday meetings to get together with a group of people to reflect on life. I strive to strengthen my relationship with God and it helps me to refocus and start my week off on a positive note.

Katie Byers '18 is a biology-chemistry major & business minor. A member of MAC and STAT, she studied abroad in New Zealand, and her dream job is to work at an orthopedic hospital. 

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