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Kelleen Cullison

Places To Be, Things To Do

by Kelleen Cullison | Nov 21, 2016
My roommate and I have been going a little stir crazy. Now that the shock of being at college has worn off, our routines are beginning to feel like less of a safety blanket, and more of a boring hindrance. Outside of clubs and work, I’m pretty content finishing my homework and chilling with Netflix for the rest of the day, but my roommate isn’t a fan of TV, or of sitting still in general. So to keep her happy, we’ve been trying new things and going to new places as often as I can manage. We thought it would be a challenge finding any place for a college student in a town as small as North Manchester, but with a bit of creativity, we’ve found a few spots.

The River
The Eel River runs along the east side of campus, behind the sports fields. There are a few trails that run along the side, and a bunch of rocks along the edge of the water that are perfect for cliché Instagram photos. It’s a very quiet, private place if you want to escape your roommate, think, read, or just enjoy being outside (and not studying) for once.

The cafe’s name is a twist on the native name for the river. Just off of Main Street on North Market Street, the coffee shop is in a cute brick house. It’s pretty popular among college students, especially Mondays when they are open later than usual. They’ve got decent coffee and usually offer vegetarian meals. Most importantly is the cool atmosphere. It’s a nice place to take your homework and chill for a few hours without feeling like you’re being rushed out.

The Observatory
The Morris Observatory lies just north of the baseball field, and in front of the environmental cabin. It’s a small building nestled in a clearing, almost obscured by the trees from the parking lot. The evening opening times vary month to month, but are usually listed on the scrolling screens in every building. Like I said, it’s a little small, but a new thing is a new thing, right?

If you get bored and antsy like my roomie, make sure to check what’s going on on campus that week. Just this week, we’ve been to two basketball games, a play, and the International Fashion Show. There’s always something to do if you’re open to new experiences. And if all else fails, go exploring!

Kelleen Cullison ’20 is pursuing an English major and minors in Journalism and Peace Studies. She hopes to work as an editor for a publishing company, and hopes to help current and prospective Manchester students avoid the mistakes she is currently making.