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Kelleen Cullison

Review of Main View

by Kelleen Cullison | Mar 06, 2017

It’s not very often my friends and I get the opportunity to go off campus, and so when we do, we usually travel to Wabash or Ft. Wayne to get something to eat. Unfamiliar with the hours of local businesses, we’d been forced to either stick with the fast food joints in town or forage elsewhere. This week was a bit different. On a work assignment posting fliers around town, my friends and I hit the street of downtown Manchester, home of Mr. Daves, Zook’s Cafe, and the Main View. My friend, whose former teacher had gone to Manchester and worked at the Main View, was desperate to try it out.

Since she works on weekends, we went for dinner on a Thursday after classes.

The place is really comfortable and easy going, and the staff was crazy friendly. It was seat yourself, and since the place was empty, it took a minute for the waitstaff to realize we were there, but once they did we were served promptly. The food was out quick, and the portions were huge, especially for the prices! Together we ordered KL’s Pasta, an All American Burger, and the Chicken Basket.

The food was fairly good, and I would definitely recommend the pasta to athletes looking to carbo load.

Unfortunately we were on a time limit, and the waitstaff took a while to bring our check. Otherwise, the visit was great. Perhaps a place you’d go for Sunday night dinner when there’s no time constraints.

Exploring different places in Manchester for places to go and to eat is a great way to save time and gas for MU students who just want to get off campus

Kelleen Cullison ’20 is pursuing an English major and minors in Journalism and Peace Studies. She hopes to work as an editor for a publishing company, and hopes to help current and prospective Manchester students avoid the mistakes she is currently making.

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