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  • Mayer publishes in philosophy journal

    by Melinda Lantz | Nov 02, 2017

    Posted Nov. 2 - Seth Mayer’s article, "Resolving the Dilemma of Democratic Informal Politics," has been published in the philosophy journal, Social Theory and Practice. Seth is an assistant professor in the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies.

  • PE teacher education students receive honors

    by Melinda Lantz | Oct 31, 2017

    Posted Oct. 31 - Several students from the Physical Education Teacher Education Program in the Department of Exercise Science and Athletic Training have received honors. Seniors Jared Bourff has been selected as the Outstanding Student of the Year by the Indiana Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance. Three more seniors – Hunter Gaerte, Paige Keller and Mark Osmialowski – have received three of six Jean Lee/Jeff Marvin Collegiate Scholarships.

  • Beer wins state athletic training award

    by Melinda Lantz | Oct 17, 2017

    Posted Oct. 17 – Jeff Beer, associate professor and program director for undergraduate athletic training education, has received the Professional Excellence in Athletic Training award from the Indiana Athletic Trainers Association. Jeff will be honored Nov. 5 at a luncheon in Carmel.  

  • Amin to give keynote lecture at Cairo conference

    by Melinda Lantz | Oct 09, 2017

    Posted Oct. 9 - Mohamed Amin, assistant professor of pharmaceutical sciences and pharmacogenomics, will deliver the keynote lecture at the Egyptian Pharmaceutical Society annual conference in Cairo in December. Mohamed’s lecture is titled, “Pharmacy Education in the Arab World: A Prescription for Reform.” 

  • Mayer published in law review

    by Melinda Lantz | Oct 09, 2017

    Posted Oct. 9 - Seth Mayer, assistant professor of philosophy, has co-authored with Italia Patti, "Confronting Political Disagreement about Sentencing: A Deliberative Democratic Framework," published in the fall 2017 issue of New Criminal Law Review.

  • Mayer publishes article about human rights

    by Melinda Lantz | Sep 28, 2017

    Posted Sept. 28 - “Human Rights Solidarity: Moral or Political?” an article by Seth Mayer, assistant professor of philosophy, has been published in the edited volume Moral and Political Conceptions of Human Rights: Implications for Theory and Practice from Cambridge University Press.  

  • Ray presents at University of Toledo

    by Melinda Lantz | Sep 28, 2017

    Posted Sept. 28 - Sidhartha Ray, professor of pharmaceutical science, presented a seminar Sept. 28 at the University of Toledo College of Pharmacy. His presentation was titled, "Apoptosis, Necrosis, Apocrosis and Autophagy: A Birds Eye View under an Electron Microscope!"

  • Skendaj marks first publication in time at MU

    by Melinda Lantz | Sep 25, 2017

    Posted Sept. 25 - Elton Skendaj, Gladdys Muir associate professor of peace studies, is one of the editors of a new book, State Building in Post-Independence Kosovo: Policy Challenges and Societal Considerations. Because stable state institutions are important for sustainable peace, the book investigates the challenges that such institutions face in post-war Kosovo. Skendaj mentored three of the chapter authors that focused on democratic legitimacy, European Union response to protests, and electoral rules. The book has just been published by the Kosovo Foundation for Open Society and is available here.

  • Ray presents at Rutgers University

    by Melinda Lantz | Sep 13, 2017

    Posted Sept. 13 - Sidhartha Ray, professor of pharmaceutical sciences, presented at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, N.J., on Sept. 8. Professor Ray spoke on “A closer look at drug-induced cell death: Apoptosis, Necrosis, Apocrosis and Autophagy.” 

  • DeLellis, Vonada and Palaika will serve in IPA leadership

    by Melinda Lantz | Sep 01, 2017

    Posted Sept. 1 - Teresa DeLellis, assistant professor of pharmacy practice, has been elected District 3 director of the Indiana Pharmacists Alliance. In addition, MU pharmacy students Brooke Vonada and JT Palaika will serve on the IPA Student Executive Committee for 2017-18.